1 Year of Workshop + Popular Modes

cards against humanity is so much more fun

I am not sure if I am playing your version of zombies or not, but it is definitely my favorite workshop mode. Heck, it is my favorite mode that is not the core game (comp/qp) or the pve stuff. I actually probably prefer it to Uprising even. Either way, I will write those codes down and give them a play, for sure. Perfect for long queues.

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Workshop is certainly one of the most interesting updates added, and one that brings out creativity to the game. Its a wonderful addition

Though, will there be a custom map maker in the future, similar to something like Forge in Halo? The amount of possibilities with that would be insane


Well, actually every version of zombies you see in the workshop was taken from my original, Horizon. I had it out on day 1 of the dummy bot patch, and several people have taken various versions of it and edited them in some way, whether it be changing to a new map, changing the bot’s heroes, or just raising the player limit from 4 to 6. Either way it’s exciting to see that something I made in September still has such a big impact on a game I love :slight_smile:

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Workshop has been such an amazing addition, it’s added far more replayability to the game than anything else so far. I’m terrible at using it, but me and my friends have had hundreds of hours of fun from the modes created from it, I can’t wait to see what people come up with in the future.

My personal favourite modes so far have probably been Thomas, Where is it? and the Colour Dance (my friends all love this one). Huge thanks to the creators of these if you’re reading.

Don’t forget that as of 1.48, you can re-upload your Workshop Scripts/Custom Game Settings to the share codes that you own! If you’ve got updates, make sure to share them so we all get to play! :slight_smile:


Oh yeah I’ve been doing that! :slight_smile: I absolutely love that feature, if I forgot one small little thing or need to make a small adjustment, I love being able to just quickly update the code instead of making everyone copy a new one.

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any update on mei’s snowball offensive not appearing on console players games?

Hey, are the old legacy abilities like scatter, armor, mass rez, symmetea 2.0 ever gonna be available to play in custom games?


Has it been only 1 year… damn.

I really enjoy Genji Ping Pong.

Even though im pretty late in terms of starting to understand workshop.

I have a few good ideas brewing.

One people are gonna love

I love the modes but ngl I get extremely tilted by the lack of external ide support when trying to make my own

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the day they dont take player slots anymore (or we are able to choose weather they do or dont)…it will be revolutionary

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I’m in love with the Workshop, it’s my favorite thing added to the game. The amount of creativity the players have here is incredible.


Mercy Spells / Harry Potter - 7MZ7A

You can cast spells using WASD, M1, M2 and crouch combos.
There’s a ton of spells you can cast, from Wingardium Leviosa to Avada Kedavra, they definitely put a lot of effort into it.


What about the Tiny games? Tiny Room, Tiny Island? or Perhaps Big Island?

I’m a bit surprised tehre’s no gun game on the list.

Workshop is probably the best update that OW has ever seen. It opens up so many possibilities and ways to play the game it’s unreal. Great work, fellas!

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Therister you mad lad you’ve made it to the top. Well deserved and I know advertising is frowned upon, but the stuff he does on Workshop is insane.


Wait… why isn’t Tiny Overwatch here.
It’s the best thing to have fun and warm up.

That would be amazing

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