1 tank 1 support 4dps

I don’t like Orisa sigma either, I hate this meta indeed. but killing the 222 comp will make dive and rein zarya unviable

It makes them a viable option while also opening many other metas how does it kill them?

Ball dive is not dive. Not the dive that people want.

making the off tanks a dps slot depending who goes there you could even see ball/dva/winston dive it opens up a lot of things same for rein/zarya/dva.

Making zarya or Dva DPS means taking away their brawl potential and give the damage and agility, which in turns mean making shield abilities less effective for them and so destroying what makes them viable in these comps to begin with.

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for them to be moved to the dps slot it would not have to be a huge nerf they have big hitboxes they dont have to have 200hp ^ zarya could be in the same state she is in now and be in the dps slot if double shield was not a thing.

Brawl potential is what is ruining the game ^ the whole point of old dive was space control and engaging with monkey bubble and defence matrix all that will still be there.

What about Dva? How can you call fair having to duel a DPS that can delete your bullets? Dva is made weaker in the other areas to compensate for this.
Also how can the ultimates of these heroes work as DPS? Does Dva bomb look like a DPS ultimate? And even worse, does zarya slightly resemble a DPS ultimate? Come on…

Mei has an ultimate just like zarya and ashe has an ultimate just like dva bomb that can be avoided.

Dva can quiet easily be made 400hp and give her a little more damage they already buffed her flight cooldown its like sombra for example she does almost 0 damage but has a cooldown just like defence matrix.

Even torb an area denial ultimate just like dva.

mei ultimate is not the same CC as zarya. Targets in a blizzard are frozen and can’t react to the damage mei will inflict them and the targets are scattered, while zarya ultimate is exactly the opposite, cause its not intended to CC the enemy to give you the chance to kill em all, but it a cc which is there to allow the whole team to pile damage on a single spot and wipe the whole team. Zarya ultimate would not fit a DPS purpose.

Not all ultimates that dps heroes have are there to do damage widow walls for example syms shield wall what is the purpose of dps because i dont see many differences from off tanks and a dps playstyle could you name one?

Peeling for your back line while simultaneously making space on the front line for your DPS. This cant be done by a mei, can’t be done by a symmetra and definitely can’t be done by a soldier.

Yeah my man as a fellow healing main it might be kind of difficult for the damage because although I have like like 3 minutes que times I think damage might have like 20

Mei can do all of this? ok ill ask another way could winston + nerfed dva and 2 other dive dps beat a solo rein tank and 3 random dps right now dva/zarya are useless no matter what all this change would do is make it so they see play time the same as some dps heroes are useless it does not have to be meta she was meta for years same as tracer some heroes fall off over time but this change would make it so you could play her in comp and still win games and have many viable comps with dva.

I agree with this, 3 or 4 dps roles would solve the queue times instantly. More people want to play dps so they either end up DPS as healer or DPS as tank. Which is equally as annoying as the old 4 dps comps anyway. So ffs fix the game. I quit.

If I say yes, than main tanking on rein would be garbage, while if no, then dive would be a joke.

No because if zarya is in the dps slot she is able to play with rein there is many comps that can be run instead of just double shield all day while dva gets 0 play time.

you can play without off tanks at all its fun to have different comps their would also be so many different ways to counter people 1 tank 3 dps dive back triple tank would be back many options.

Sure dive is going to get counterd as soon as people start playing mei/reaper/rein/zarya/brig/baptise but then if they do that you just go triple dps with 2 snipers and a spam hero like pharah and you have counter their comp also it would be good for the game there would be no double shield to save them from it like there is now mei would have weakness.

“you just go triple dps” assuming that a guy that played tank in the past and queued to play Dva is going to play DPS effectively. You are shooting yourself in the foot there. Most DPS in this game just take too many hours to get to a viable point of mastery where you can use them in comp. That’s an issue on its own, but it’s an issue.

the same can be said of people who only play torb that is overwatch and that is going to go nowhere but for high end play and even the casuals almost all the heroes would be viable ^

But the fact that these people queue up for dva now when double shield is by far the best tank lineup in the game it just makes it 10x worse.