1 Player Controlling 6 of the same heroes?

I recently played a fun 1 v 6 escort mode where a team with one person is controlling 6 characters. Would anyone know how to go about replicating this?

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Do you want the code or you want to know how its made?



It was made quite ‘simple’. You the aiming and joining another player by pressing F speaks for itself, but having players be inside another player is done by getting all players that are in player A in an Array.

When player A moves (or changes location) you go by every other player to update their location with either Teleport or Move. I recommend teleport incase you are inside a moira or sombra who can fade/teleport.

Set thirdperson to those that joined another player and set them Invisible and Invincible. If player A dies, make all players in that Array visible and mortal. Should pretty much do it… Take a look at the code yourself and you will see.