1.30 patch now online! (New Hero Ashe) - IMPORTANT PATCHING INFORMATION!


Any patch notes yet? Hero changes etc.


Its the very first link in the starting post.


Ok and Thanks for the info.



so it is the famous update that optimizes the game as previously announced?



also, this confirms it, WyomingMyst is a blizzard agent in disguise


Yes it is, be sure to test and double check your in-game settings. Remember that if your system performance is not where you expect it, be sure to check out my guide here:


Would be a lot easier to enjoy her if we could play her in FFA, wouldn’t it? Why do you insist on breaking that mode?


Ladies and gentlemen…:triumph:
it’s GO TIME! :star_struck:


I’d forgotten how slow my internet is, this will be a longggg wait


Had a few questions about the installation process, but I see they’ve already been answered…
Thanks for the info Wyoming; your threads are greatly appreciated.


So I noticed that the battle.net client said live maintenence is happening right now and to restart the client

I closed and re-opened battle.net, but when I clicked “check for updates” it just has the loading icon in the corner next to “checking for updates.” It’s been doing that for 5 minutes now


Try clearing out the BattleNet cache files:


The only issue I had in playing today was the launcher didn’t know where my install was for some reason and I had to show it. It wanted me to install the game, which I thought was odd because I assumed it’d reinstall itself. I checked my game drive and Overwatch was still there so I showed it where the files were, it verified, and off I went.


Thank you very much. I’ll check all that out. Anyway, I have to format after the Windows update, I will take the opportunity to reinstall everything properly.


Just as a brief update, I have been tracking the reports about the game not loading for incompatible systems. Remember that if you are crashing, to post details in this thread:


WM: they should hire you as a FT support gm


I am glad I left my client open this morning. >.>


So will the game run as the PTR? Because the ptr runs like BS to me, tons of frame drops and stuff.


Its so awkward looking ar Mercy and Symmetra standing there with those insignificant changes beside them.

“…these do nothing about my issues but okay??”


In my opinion, the changes are highly significant, increasing Mercy’s effectiveness substantially

With apologies, I do not think the devs make changes to address any one persons’ individual concerns