1.30 patch now online! (New Hero Ashe) - IMPORTANT PATCHING INFORMATION!


will it fully reinstall on XBox as well, or just Windows/PC?


It should fully reinstall on all platforms.


I don’t have PTR installed but it was only 500mb for me.



any special instructions/advice for us console folks?


Just try to let the updater work like normal, but if you get an error saying not enough room, you may have to manually uninstall Overwatch.

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We also initiated a background download (aka prepatch) for this 1.30 update late last week. This prepatch allowed for a smaller update today.


So when this "major update" is coming?

You guys are great !


Is it me or is there a FPS loading bug when launching the game?


I am very curious about the changes that were, uhm, infrastructural?

I dont have a good word here

They have been mentioned but with (to the best of my knowledge) no specifics


oh the doomfist nerf is for later? :disappointed_relieved: he’s still gonna be ruining games until then.


Faster load for no SSD plebs, correction bugs and prepare the game for replay.


…Timepass… Sigh When is Sym gonna get a serious look at during a ptr.

Honestly I can’t tell at all if you take Sym’s development seriously or not.


I like how the team are making videos for patches. To the devs, I really hope you guys continue to give us highlights in the future of the patch changes. It’s a nice refreshing way to see what’s new outside of reading blocks of text. Nicely done there with the presentation. :smiley:

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There has only been interviews during BlizzCon from the devs saying balance changes were planned for Doomfist. Nothing has been tested on the PTR for Doomfist as of late.


Doom is for 1.31 in December or January.


She quite literally was just buffed and the devs have said they are not sure what to think of her place yet and are watching her.

Edit: This probably isn’t the thread for this anyway. The info is really welome, OP.


Thank you, this is how you spread informations right :smiley:


I have tested the buff, I was not amused, it was the same when they add 2 meters to her beam. It really didn’t do much.

Sigh…(I have been sighing a lot because of this.)

Personally She became a Taxi driver. And Saying that just makes me sad.

I think the Teleporter is just same thing as Armor Packs. I think it was a poor decision to lose the Photon Barrier.

But I never hear what Devs think about it all.

Honestly just make me mad for the way this was all handled.


Good to know. Thanks for the info. Good thing I already have PTR installed.

So Ashe is already live? That’s quicker than I thought. Got to sample her briefly in PTR. Curious how she will shake things up.


I’m more excited to enjoy Mercy.
Edit: Nevermind.