1.30 Known Issues List

(Denis Genest) #1

Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of all currently tracked issues affecting this build of Overwatch, rather this is a targeted list of some known specific issues with this release.

Patch 1.30



  • Ashe will incorrectly play her “clubhouse” voice line on multiple maps

The Viper

  • Impact VFX play at an angle when hitting surfaces
  • When spectating Ashe in First Person, if she zooms in, player outlines are not visible in her guns sights

Coach Gun

  • The blast from Coach Gun does not knock around broken objects in the world environment
  • If Ashe fires her Coach Gun down towards a deflecting Genji, she can be launched into orbit


  • The burning VFX are not currently visible for some hero items that take damage from it (Like Junkrat’s trap)
  • If Genji deflects Dynamite, it’s fuse does not have an obvious sparkly flare as it burns
  • Genji can sometimes unintentionally detonate Dynamite as he deflects it


  • A charging B.O.B. can move a sieged Bastion
  • B.O.B. can move a cryo-frozen Mei
  • If Mei uses cryo-freeze on top of B.O.B. she can block his line of sight
  • B.O.B. does not collide with or damage Junkrat’s RIP-Tire during his charge
  • There is no callout for B.O.B receiving a Nano Boost from Ana
  • B.O.B. is not very good at staying on top of Mei’s ice walls
  • A charging Reinhardt that collides with a charging B.O.B will not have his Earthshatter animation play is used right as he gets up
  • B.O.B.'s elbow can disconnect from his arm while he is waving at heroes



  • If Seismic Slam is cast on the ground it is traveling slightly farther than in previous builds


  • Biotic Grasp’s leeching beam will briefly animate oddly after destroying an enemy barrier


  • Part of Roadhog’s chain does not render when hooking enemies close to him


  • Torb’s turret can end up placed at a strange angle if build on the edge of some terrain


  • Jump Pack can knockback an enemy without doing any damage
  • If you view the Excuse Me highlight intro in Hero Gallery multiple times, Winston will not display the Coloring of Primal Rage during the animation


Colorblind Options

  • In FFA Deathmatch your UI will be colored the enemy team color instead of default
  • Enemy Torbjorn turrets will display the incorrect health bar color when using color blind colors

Kill Cam Replays

  • If a player is killed by an enemy object (Junkrat Trap, Moira Orb, etc.) the Kill Cam view will still be from the enemy themselves, and not the object associated with the kill


  • Damaging D.Va’s meka is not counting towards hero damage stats

Audio Levels

  • Some sound effects are playing at the incorrect audio levels.
    (Temporary Workaround: Reset your user volume sliders back to 100 and turn the game down using the Windows volume mixer in the Windows sound options.)

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(Denis Genest) #2

Patch 1.29

Colorblind Options


  • The Tab Screen in Deathmatch does not have custom coloring applied to it
  • Junkenstein’s Revenge UI elements do not have color blind coloring
  • It is possible that while in Hero Select, player names may be missing from their player icons
  • The score screen between rounds of Control maps does not have color blind options applied for both teams

Torbjorn Rework


Deploy Turret

  • The tracking beam which follows the turrets target is jittery


  • The Torbjorn bot can waste a globule of slag from Molton Core if he is repairing his Turret when he activates his Ultimate
  • If Torbjorn is contesting a point, he will not stop to drop a new turret even if it is available for him to do so



  • Brigitte’s shield is in its compacted state during her “Shield Bash” Highlight Intro


  • If Reinhardt charges into a short ledge/wall, SFX for the collision may not play


  • There are some animation issues when firing your gun immediately after a successful hook



  • There is a soda can which defies the laws of physics when hit


Mystery Heroes

  • While in a skirmish waiting for players, the Mystery Heroes rule set isn’t enforced and you can be who you want

Team Deathmatch

  • Once one team makes it to 25 kills, the “x kills remaining” VO will play each time the losing team gets a kill to catch up

(Denis Genest) #3

Older Known Issues



  • Heroes hit by Sleep Dart may have animation issues when hit by other abilities
  • Shooting an ally that’s at full health counts as a miss


  • If two Brigittes Shield Bash each other at the same time the results are inconsistent


  • Rocket Punch does not knock back D.va’s mech as it is self-destructing
  • Doomfist’s Rocket Punch doesn’t damage Junkrat’s Concussion Mine.


  • Sonic Arrow model disappears when it destroys some breakables


  • Some of his bombs spin in his vest holster when viewing certain skins


  • The handle on top of Snowball’s head doesn’t react to physics properly in the Hero Gallery
  • Traps placed on top of your Cryo-freeze ice block it will fall through


  • Biotic Grasp can still briefly do damage after Moira is killed
  • Biotic Orb does not correctly bounce off of moving platforms
  • Biotic Orb will travel directly through Mei’s Cryo-Freeze instead of bouncing off
  • Biotic Orb will continue attempting to heal D.Va’s mech when it reaches zero health and is animating being destroyed
  • Healing tendrils will attach directly to invisible heroes like stealthed Sombra and a recalling Tracer


  • The “DETECTED” notification can trigger even though she has not been detected by enemies


  • Symmetra can place her Teleporter off the edge of the map in Practice Range, causing her to die instantly when ported
  • If you’re too close to a certain wall near the Numbani payload, it will cause Symmetra’s Turrets to attach to it even though you are aiming across the way
  • Turrets can sometimes be destroyed if teleported on to a moving platform


  • If your Venom Mine is destroyed by a moving platform, the UI indicator for its location will linger on screen for a few extra seconds

Wrecking Ball

  • When viewing in 3rd person, if Wrecking Ball aims straight up into the air, the camera becomes obscured inside his body
  • The aimed positioning of your reticle will vary between your mech and ball forms



  • (Downtown) AI Bots are able to get through the spawn room blockers that keep enemy players out


  • Candelabras lose texture and lighting when hit
  • Sometimes Defender AI bots in an Eichenwalde Custom Game will attempt to go through an inaccessible door


  • Reinhardt’s Earthshatter does not effect targets standing on the moving turbine blade near the final point
  • The stair case directly outside the first attackers spawn room has a small gap in its collision which can cause placed objects to fall through


  • D.Va’s Self Destruct can destroy the breakable floor through walls



  • If a player is invited to a game that has all player and spectating slots full, they do not receive an error that they cannot join the game
  • The green arrows indicating you performed above you career average do not display correctly when performing better or worse than your average
  • Certain Ultra graphics video settings causes stuttering


  • Sometimes Defender AI bots in an Eichenwalde Custom Game will attempt to go through an inaccessible door

Custom Game

  • Disabling Primary fire for D.Va turns off the mechs Fusion Cannons, and her Pistol
  • The ammo counter displayed on some hero weapons may not function correctly if the Ammunition Clip Size Scalar is modified


  • When viewing recorded highlights using the in game video player, footage has current video settings applied over video settings at time of recording (causing footage to appear twice as dark or bright)

Sound & V.O.

  • Dolby Atmos can sometimes cut off sounds coming from below the player
  • Explosions sometimes play in the rear speakers for surround sound systems

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