1-3-2, Overwatch is finally fun again!

All the tactics of the game are stripped out

Which is why we need time to develop new tactics. Unless you think a game needs to be slow to be tactical, which is not an opinion I have ever seen successfully backed before.

It’s just your opinion that my opinion isn’t fact. See what happens when you don’t understand what subjectivity means and use it to defend losing arguments? I am completely open to opposing arguments, but the idea that everyone’s opinion is innately valid is self-defeating lunacy. Provide a valid argument or stop pestering me.

There is something better of “valid opinions”, there are facts.

Is a fact for developers seems people reacted mostly negative to this change.

Is a fact there are various balance problem(specially some tanks aren’t ready to be solo tank).

Is a fact this experiment will stay only few days/a week

With this premises is impossible to see this gamemode survive an go live, no chance to balance it properly in this few days.


what tactics? It’s just DM.

So you load up on snipers and/or other hit scan on attack and slowly walk your angles to kill the other team. Being offense only needs to win once, defense has to win every fight. That’s true in 222 also but defense has much more of a buffer in 222 due to it being harder to knock out a team with double tanks who can also run a range of DPS or support backing the tanks.

where as 1-3-2 those other heroes don’t even mater being hitscan and snipers on attack are just that strong.

I’m already seeing a lot of my 1-3-2 games of mostly I assume higher SR players running all hitscan comps straight up walking the defense team to the final point like it’s nothing. It’s not tactical or anything, it’s lock down street angle one. Then angle two and it’s over being there isn’t anyway the current hero balance allows for defense to close off those angles with out bulky tanks on a front line.


it is also a fact that Overwatch would have never implemented experimental mode if 2-2-2 was both very popular and very balanced.

I think a valid opinion is any opinion where the person tries to rationalize their thoughts, so I consider your viewpoint valid even if I don’t agree with it.

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Tanking actually feels like you are tanking. Taking charge, pushing the team. It feels amazing


They implemented it only for try to lower the queue times and hear feedback.

Is different from PTR, isn’t something they worked about think for future, was an extreme try, they even said next changes on experimental will not be so extreme(so they have something in future for experimental and isn’t 1-3-2).

Personally i not have opinion about the gamemode itself, because isn’t balanced enough to think of it about a true gamemode.

But mostly because not all the tanks are ready for solo tank and for real even ex off tank become too much strong in solo tank, like zarya.

How i said, it’s hard have an opinion on something isn’t properly ready to be played normally, maybe if developers first make all tanks ready to solo tank, but if they not even give this experiment enough time, i really not understand what they are doing.


I agree, it is fun again. I hope it stays.


Tactics like communication, focus-fire, positioning, flanking, team pushing, crowd control, ect. Do you know what tactics are? Tactics are absolutely not mutually exclusive to deathmatch, they can coexist. How is placing a shield on top of another shield more tactical than flanking a healer and coordinating a push?

If they removed tanks completely I would agree that would make the game less tactical because each team would have less options so less decisions. Since there are more dps than tank heroes, 3 dps actually offers more possible synergies making the game arguably more tactical.

I agree that defense role needs to be made easier, and that if a game is too unbalanced tactics become less important as does DM, because the game relies on a fair competition. That point I will agree on. Obviously we do need to wait to see how 2-3-1 could be balanced, what new tactics develop, before we can make any final judgements.

I’ve been enjoying tank a lot in 1/2/3


No. That is absolutely not what that means. All opinions are inherently subjective and not facts


All opinions are inherently subjective and not facts

But that’s just your opinion that opinions are inherently subjective.

Provide an argument that your opinion is any more than an opinion, or that my opinion is any less.

the quality of being based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.

There, that’s subjectivity. And what did I say?

I see no argument against me yet other than “you don’t understand what subjectivity means”.

Somehow I doubt that but I’ll give you mine anyway.


You’re the one belittling me without arguments.


Repeating it with italics doesn’t make your statement any less incorrect


You barely even need to bother to do any of that in this game mode with players past 3k+ being they are going to hit their shots and drop people like it’s nothing.

I don’t want to play the SR card here but I’m getting the suspicion you’re like 2k and that’s fine but it means in YOUR games where players can’t hit the side of a barn this 1-3-2 DM mode is more fun and loose.
You can run around in the open and not die in .2 seconds and set up fun group tactics etc.

The 4k hanzo sort of players I’m running into as a meh mid 3k player? They just pogo around and dome your team left and right. You straight up can’t close the shot angles on a masters level McCree without a hard front line to FORCE him out peeking an angle and killing someone.

being again, defense has to win every single fight to hold and this 1-3-2 upends the rules of Overwatch that defense selects where a fight happens, offense selects when.

So without a bulk front line defense can’t really set the where and sort of get ran over.
Again, maybe it could be solved with balance but I doubt it.


LOL only because an entitled dps main likes it blizzard should implement it
How delusional are you?? Your opinion does not reflect what the community wants.

123 will cause more harm than anything else, it’s a game mode catered only to dps because their chances of finally killing something increased massively.


Only now did you give your argument, and every sentence of your argument ends with “I don’t want it.” Which of course isn’t a valid argument, for it to be a valid argument you need to explain what you want and why. You only explained the what, which is half an argument. You seem new to this.

My argument from my OP is there for you to read. I will do a favor and clarify it because you seem to be struggling. 2 tanks leads to slower team fights, slower team-fights are not exciting, that’s why it isn’t as fun. DPS heroes also have a higher skill ceiling, making the game have more depth and be more competitive, making the game more satisfying to learn. The fact that there are more DPS also gives the tank more dangers to account for, making the tank’s skill ceiling higher as well.

I also gave a follow-up argument to this when responding to someone else, damage heroes have the biggest pool of heroes, meaning 3 damage has more potential synergies leading to more possible tactics. This is better because it also increases depth and competitiveness, which makes the game more satisfying.

Hahaha dps have higher skill ceilings.

Honey, I stopped reading there.
You can’t be taken seriously in any way.
So delusional


So you didn’t read my post and responded to it twice? Failed troll bait.

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I don’t like x, y and z are perfectly valid arguments when talking about a game.


Honey, you are the troll.
Spamming your opinion everywhere won’t make 123 come to live servers :slight_smile: