0.28% D.va Pick rate after buff

Dva shows a very marginal upward trend to 1.69% pickrate overall, with biggest pickrates being in bronze and silver, rest being lower than her overall pickrate. GM shows a rise from never picked to 1.25%. Winrates are fluctuating, but there is no upward trend in sight.

Nothing too amazing, which is to be expected considerign this buff is to just give her more tools to leg it out of lost fights, which is still the majority of them.

I would expect dva’s pickrate to rise to somewhere between 2-3% with this change. Quickplay so far shows the biggest rises in pickrate where you can see dva a lot more than competitive.


You cant count bronze as the only source of statitics, you need the whole population from bronze to top 500

Same bro, i think that is what she need to be able to survive at least

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oh agree, but as those stats are not customer facing we can only use anecdotes.
My anecdote is that D’Va is in 100% of my comp matches so far this season (as I play her exclusively)

I could say the same in my case where i see her (choose her) everygame in plat/diamond but that doesnt mean anything

This is the post I’m thinking of and it was talking about win rates.

In the post you cite, it doesn’t say anything specific enough to really draw conclusions.

means just as much as overbuff stats lol.
But One thing that I am noticing (in my small slice of Bronze) is that I am fighting vs more D’Vas than I did before (which I enjoy as it let’s me test my skill against an even matched hero)

Ohh ok sorry i misunderstood the analogy

Yeah but he doesn’t bring up anything about Mei there.

Here he says only 8 heroes have higher pick rates than Mei/Genji. He clearly mentions pick rates here, and furthermore implies that Mei/Genji are about the same in pick rate level if 8 people are picked more than both of them. And then this claim:

Since he mentioned win rates no where in that paragraph and only pick rates, this heavily implies they have same pick rate in GM.

He’s being ambiguous and the language implies some separation between Mei and Genji. As if there’s at least one of two heroes between them.

I’d love a Blizzard official site, but until we have one I have to use Overbuff.

Yes but he implied they’re mostly the same pick rate, even if there’s a hero or two between them. But on Overbuff, there are 11 heroes between them. That’s how big the gap is.

My point is, Overbuff is and has never been accurate, and as such it can be heavily misleading. The best source of data right now believe it or not is the Top 500 leaderboard. There you can see every Top 500’s 3 most played heroes. So you can see what every single pro is running at high level play on all roles.

what does that matter ? you don’t play at the same skill level as them and you never will, instead focus on the here and now, play what you enjoy (even if that means just one hero) and focus on you not others.

I play high enough in the ladder to where it does matter. But also, it helps to know whether D.Va is viable in high level play, because that’s where they balance the game around.

What now?

Play a different tank if it bothers you that much.

Wasnt it in order. Orisa, hog, rein, zarya, hammond, winston, dva? In that order.

The Dva crowd are a lot bigger than you think OP

If you’re gonna be extra, at least make sure there’s the same number of quotation marks on each side.

Bastion: Beep Bwoo? (Translated: First time?)

:muscle: we are legion. We are the MEKA crew.

Yeah, you’ve definitely been around long enough to know that it’s 228% and doesn’t require moving in a straight line. :confused: