0 kill dps every match we lose playing support

Anybody else playing as support have dps that get 0 kills and just die over and over again? Impossible to win scenarios every single match? Tank just feeding running in alone 1 vs 5 over and over again non stop along with 0 kill dps? Seriously at the end of almost every match at least one of my dps has 0 kills and my tank is just feeding dying over and over. I cannot win playing as support.

I dropped from Gold 2 all the way down to Silver 2. I am now very close to being Silver 3. If this continues I will end up dropping down to bronze as support. Its very frustrating because if my tank is feeding and my dps get 0 kills but sometimes they get a little more but we lose anyways due to players not willing to change hero to counter anyone.

I dropped from plat to silver then swapped to dps healer illari and went back to plat. You really got to kill almost as often as your dps do to play support currently.


Years ago, this is why I mained zen.

Same here. Got hard drop from Gold to Silver this season. The recent changes really affected the support role. If u wanna win, at least one of your supports gotta do the dpsing. I know it’s frustrating, I for sure know that when I started playing support this isn’t what I signed up for.

If I wanna dps, I just play dps. If I wanna tank, I just go tanking. But if I wanna support, oh, I better be a good dps + tank + healer, all at the same time because otherwise… ez loss.


Sometimes people just have bad games, wouldn’t lose sleep over it.

I know support ain’t the easiest role with the current changes having been forced down our throats, such as the dps passive and the removal of a tank slot, but i’ve seen some pretty bad support players out there, who tunnelvision 24/7, ignoring the dps players standing right in front of them, just so they can get more damage numbers on the score board or having the awareness of a peanut.

Support’s job isn’t to dps, to get the most kills or do the most damage, it’s to support their team, and you’re not supporting your team if your dps is dead when you could’ve healed them and won a team fight, and your dps won’t get kills during a team fight if they’re dead because their support ignored to check what’s in front of them.

Stop blaming everything on either your tanks or your dps, every single time you lose a game.

Yes, there are obvious feeders, but there’s also those who are trying but can’t because their support isn’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing, by either staying too far in the back or sticking too close, or just simply overexposing themselves.

So many times i’ve gone to peel for my random supports who ignore me just to get the final blow on one of the enemy players and instantly get rekt by the second, then complain about the ‘dps not getting kills’ or ‘nobody is peeling for me!’.

This is why i mostly stick to organized scrims rather than exposing myself to competitive, as it is far too toxic with far too many crybabies who doesn’t know how to play but still manage to rant about their dps and/or tanks who they ignore, not having the highest damage numbers or the most kills, or their tanks who doesn’t make space when their health is at 25%, then use their own numbers against said dps and tanks.

There are feeders, but not everyone with a negative KD are trying to intentionally feed.

Stop for a second and Look at what you’re doing wrong yourselves. Stop, think and evaluate.

The same goes for every dps player who ignores the health packs or rushes into a 1v5 and the tanks who rushes out of spawn solo, going out of line of sight. Stop blaming everything on your other teammates and do some self reflection…

I mean what can you do? Other than watch dps whiff harder than scooby doo trying to solve a mystery.

Train ffa? Dont chase stragglers? That Extra landed shot in teamfight can make all difference.

Realistically Only thing you can do. Pray to the lord.

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At this point I just refuse to heal. I always think you should give your team a chance before you decide to go full DPS support, but if they are utterly useless I play Zen/Moira and just tunnel vision. Probably not gonna get you a win but if they won’t do their job I won’t bother doing mine either.

I don’t care how my dps perform. Unless there is no tank diff, I can take the dps and support role on my own at the same time. But if my tank is low skill, well, no dps will help you there.

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I tried bap to dps and heal. I was able to easily kill the pharrah and mercy multiple times while healing my team. I had something like 14 players saved from death. I had something like 14k heals and 36 kills but we still lost because of the huge tank difference and of course the dps had half the kills that I had as support. I really had the highest heals of both teams and highest kills on my team but still losing every single match.

Saying everyone has a bad game is true but I am saying every single match is a one sided loss after another. This just started happening within the past week or so. Not sure what changed but I went from winning almost every single match and got a player rating of 5 because I am a very good support and carried many times but then one day within the past week every match was unwinnable until I lost about 30 matches in a row with maybe one win every ten losses.

Our team stuck in spawn scenarios.

if you are dropping to silver thats a you issue. Stop blaming your team maates

Like ALL DAY long…it really sux as supports.
The matchmaker is soo bad, teams very very unbalanced.
80% of the my lossses are MATCHMAKER DIFFS…no hope battles.
99% of those are large DPS DIFFS


seven games in a row with at least one negative kd dps

Last match my tank had 1 kill and my dps had 0 kills. I am playing support and healing them so how can that be my fault we loss. Let me see you win as support when your tank only gets 1 kill and your dps has 0 kills and then let me say that was your fault you lost.

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Yeah Support damage is often the deciding factor for a win in 5 v 5.

The team with the greater teamwide damage and elims will have an easier time winning in 9/10 games. It’s essentially 3-4 dps vs 5 dps.

It’s hard for the actual DPS role to make up for the damage and pressure lacking in the team when their supports are providing none. They’re receiving pressure and damage of 5 players, while the enemy is receiving pressure and damage of 3. That’s a huge gap.

It’s not that hard to understand imo but many players, particularly healbot supports don’t understand this. Too many times I’ve seen healbot Mercy/LW combo’s whine about their terrible DPS or Tank. They don’t realize it’s a handicap for their team, 3 damage dealers receiving damage and pressure from 5 damage dealers.

I’m more of a support player than dps FYI so don’t think this is coming from a dps main.

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See my comment just above.

In most games the team applying the most teamwide pressure and damage will have an easier time winning.

Sometimes it is the dps that can’t hit any shots, or the tank throwing by being out of position. But sometimes, even often times, it’s the lack of teamwide damage and pressure.

‘teamwide’ elims doesn’t predict anything.

if the enemy team has 20 deaths that can be as few as 20 elims for the opposing team or as many as 100 elims.

‘eliminations’ are meaningless except when considered as a proportion of total enemy deaths.

lmao you know you have to get picks as well when playing support? imahine healbotting and expecting to win

Last night on Busan I was playing Junk and kept turning around to peel for my supps against a Sombra. Double tap nade, Sombra dead.

Then I noticed the Kiri was obsessed with not dying, to the point where she would teleport away from a 2v2 just to try and make sure she didn’t die. Literally would leave a potentially winnable duel with an enemy DPS/supp duo, leaving me in a 1v2 to lose.

Most risk averse player I have ever seen in Overwatch. Strange behavior when we’re told individual stats don’t affect your rank. Anyway I stopped peeling for that Kiri, she went from 0 deaths to 4 deaths by the time we lost.

I don’t play support often but I make sure to give resources to the players that turn around and help me out when I’m getting dove or pressured. You know that person is a team player. Invest in them and they’ll at least try to make plays that benefit the team.

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Yep, and that just proves my point.

I’m not gonna pull the comb over all support players but there’s an awful lot of them who does exactly this.

We peel for them only to have them ignore us when we need them.

When i play support, i tend to stick with whichever DPS peels for me, as we both benefit from it. It’s what’s known as using the buddy system to make sure we both survive or at least have a greater chance of surviving.