[🛷] Winter Skin #1 Reveal

I’m at a loss for words. It’s beautiful!

It’s PERFECT! It’s also the first time in recent history I can remember a concept becoming reality:

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That’s not even close.


I love this one, it’s so stinkin’ cute.

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It literally looks nothing like that apart from some colors lol


Someone pick up that phone, cause I called it.


Meh. I don’t like her hair.

I didn’t love any Halloween skin this year, and I was hoping Winter Wonderland would give me great skins… There are 4 more left, so who knows.


Is this because Baptiste didn’t get a skin yet? I feel the same way. I could tell from your player icon.


Meh it is fine but I expected the design to be better. Why does it looks so rubbery?

Also can we have a long hair skin for once? I like the hair of this one but it is just weird that all of her skins have short hair.

the star tattoos are cute, i dont know about the hair tho. kind of a bland yellow wish it was brighter. i do like the christmas clothing tho and candy cane stockins

im not an expert on skins, will this be a coin paid for one or an event one? i have a feeling this skin will be bought by coins? and maybe the orisa reindeer the weekly challenge thing?

D.Va ate, demolished, served, did everything in her power.



In all honesty I don’t like her face and hairdo at all.

I need to see the mech a bit closer ingame.

But it’s a winter dva skin. :woman_shrugging:

I enjoy this skin, but a majority of ppl i asked hate it. I dont think people know she is supposed to be a young girl dressed as a christmas caroler.

Are you serious? that skin looks like junk, what a crop of chistmash things with nonsense

Looks like an epic.

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Another Dva skin, where she is reason i dont like it (but mech looks good)


Late to the party I’m afraid lol.
It’s a real good skin and I appreciate the effort on this one.


Ah, so it gets your approval. It must indeed be a great skin then

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