🔷 How the "5 DPS instalocks" problem could've been solved

In the “oh so good” open comp I had this 7 times out of 12 rounds. It is not a myth.


Which is completely different to what was Pre-Role Queue comp.

The last 500 out of 4 matches I had were 8 DPS on my team. As that is the frequency and number of DPS everyone always claims life was like before Role Queue. Plus Open Comp has been out for less than a week, so obviously that’s the end all be all of the Comps, there, right?

Yeah, pre-role queue was a total blast to sit through matches where some folks refuse to play certain roles or folks who just can’t player certain roles in their rank.

Role queue is a god send and there’s nothing negative about it besides a longer queue time for all. Which, queue times wouldn’t have gotten as bad as they are, if they didn’t keep ruining Tanks and Healers for their “OWL” and DPS empowerment.

If that’s what you really think, then there’s literally no use talking to you about it since you won’t change your mind no matter what. Have a good, bud.

I dont feel like scrolling to see if someone already posted, but jeff himself already replied about a very similar suggestion, this was his answer

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the reason 2/2/2 was inevitable was because new heros allowed certain play styles to be used that would throw the game into chaos.
the 5 dps problem wasn’t what made them do this, but the dominance of tanks in owl.
tanks are too good, and having 4-5 made every match a mirror, and removed most picks from the game.

2/2/2 has been a blast from a tank main perspective. but that’s mostly because i don’t bother with comp.
ow comp is for streamers and people who want gold guns. anyone else is wasting their life on that mode.

I just want to say that is not a myth and that happens 30% of the time. Open queue is good were it is. In the arcade.

Just to bump your statement and adding a point to the other statement in your post.
The reason there are less tank and support players is the lack of fun in these rolls. Tank is unfun to play and supports get yelled at. This together with the recently introduced DPS nightmares Doomfist and Echo (designed to get new players into the game) made them leave.
The “unfairness” of long q-time by DPS players is generated by this major issue. Changing the 2/2/2 to a 1/4/1 or back to open pick, would proberbly make the games even worse (for the tanks and supports 100%). We will lose even more “main” tank and support pickers. The rest will start picking DPS based heros of their roll (Roadhog or Moira/Brig) that they can deal dmg aswell. I don’t think that will be fun for DPS either…

Well queue times would have still been a problem and what if I wanted to play dps why should I roll the dice and see what I wanted to play. This creates more problems than it solves.

Q-times are a problem because most tank and supports quit the game. The playerbase is to low with the majority of players beeing DPS.

There is no statistic or evidence that shows any role leaves more than the other. Also cc is getting a reduction across the board if you have heard so tanks should have an easier time. The queue is long because of a lot of dps players not because of other roles leaving.

So you say the playerbase is as high as it was during release? Statistic evidence is delivered by the time each role needs to get in a game. Tank about 2 mins, heal about 2 mins, DPS about 5mins (QP). I am more than convinced, that tank and support players left or switched to DPS since it is more “fun” to play or have an impact

If you have heard most tanks still don’t have an easier time, since cc was only one issue but not the main issue.

So Open Comp has returned after months of being gone. People have been deprived up the ability to swap, have different comps, etc, for months. If someone was starved of food for weeks, and you put them in front of a table covered in all sorts of food, do you think they’ll just sit there, grab a spoon, and then eat like a civilized person? No, they’d shove as much food in their mouth, even going so far as to harm themselves, because it’s finally something they’ve been craving for for a long time. That’s what’s happening in Open Comp right now, and it’s only been out for a few days. Acting as if it’s always been like this or will always be like this is ridiculous after such a short period of time being active and after such a long period of time where it’s been gone.

I don’t particularly want the game to decide what role I should be. What if I wanted to go rotate each week playing a different role? Your proposed system would make that very messy.

Role queue gives people the freedom to choose.

The dps would have just as long of a queue using this

I was very clearly referring to competitive open que.
Nice try, try again.

Nope. I’m not buying it. GOATs only accounts for a year of OW’s lifespan out of four…and, according to the devs, GOATs was only played at the higest competitive levels.

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Hmmm, it’s almost as if 3 days of Open comp being out isn’t enough to say “this is how things are going to be”. How about stop being instantly judgemental, yeah? That’s how almost every bad trait throughout humanity is created.

Wasnt a myth. Boy you dps really want the game catered to you

You cry whenever one of your heroes is nerfed, a la doomfist. Look at chipsa and how immature he was being.

You dont want role lock because of the 10 minute queue time that people now days cant endure because they dont have patience

You want tanks and healers nerfed so that you can go pew pew pew more

And you hate losing so much that you guys flame the team if one thing goes wrong

But Oh No, those are all myths

Get off your high horse

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