𝓟𝓲𝓷𝓴 Mercy (you can get it)

Like I just want them to go “I want the skin I don’t care about the cause” rather than going “b-but they could raise so much more!! For charity!”

But no they won’t.


Why can’t someone both want the skin and want to create a fundraiser which made millions? :thinking:

I mean I did post the link earlier, so nothing should be stopping you from donating.

They for sure can. But the likelihood of everybody spamming, begging, and pleading in the Pink Mercy threads actually caring about donating rather than just wanting their precious skin is about as high as the likelihood that they also have exactly 156/157 unlocks for Mercy.

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Okay… I still think they should bring back pink mercy. Nothing wrong with that.

So what about the people who bought the skin and didn’t care about the cause?

What about me?

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Only if another skin comes with and it’s treated more like how their other charity events are done-like WoW’s Children’s Week event.

I would be all for more charity events, but I’m just embittered by the lack of transparency of people if I’m being honest.

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if only there was some way these people wanting the charity to have more money could actually donate to said charity.


Since you’ve started personally attacking me and claiming to know my motivations behind wanting the skin to return, I have little interest in continuing this discussion with you

I am however directing my comments towards Blizzard Entertainment and hope that they do bring the skin back, as they should as it will raise large amount of money for charity

I might also note that I do have family members affected by breast cancer

I’m not in a position to donate millions of Dollars myself. I don’t have the backing of a massive corporation. So when you say why not just donate, that’s not really much of an argument.

I’ve already stated that I don’t really care about the skin, I don’t play mercy very much if at all.

Now if you would like to continue the discussion we can do so civilly or you can continue to pretend to know my motivations. Up to you?

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Most won’t admit it, but that’s the reality of it. If they were desperate to donate to BCRF they’d be dumping the contents of their bank accounts into BCRF donations.


You as in the general you. But sure assume I was being direct with you. You mentioned that you have bought it.

I mentioned I want people to be honest in just saying they want the skin than to play “but they could make so much money for charity” when they just want the skin.

That’s it. That’s all.

It was refreshing to see in another thread who said “bought it didn’t care about the cause” and “I just want it to complete my collection”.

That’s all I wanted personally.

And I’ve mentioned I personally would like more charity events like how they handle Children’s Week in WoW. Having it be annual and with a new skin in addition to the old-like the pets (but they’re restricted to getting one pet per event).

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Sure, people got it and didn’t care about the cause. But plenty of people did care about the cause, enough to raise millions.

What we are however left with is lots of people who don’t care about the cause no matter what they say; they just simply want something they missed out on.

Scenario: If I had been away when the charity event ran - and only wanted a pink Mercy. I would have happily bought the OWL version. They both use the base Mercy look and the only real major diff is the sound effects.


Fact. No other skin got the same controversy because there’s nothing to latch onto for those skins. Nobody whines about Noire Widow or Lego Bastion (or if they do - it’s much less so, thus it’s almost invisible) - because there’s no route “but I want to do charitable things, please please please” with those skins. It’d be plain as day that such a complain is about not having the skin and nothing else.

But Mercy skin has the misfortune of being linked to a “noble cause” which can be easily used as an excuse to advocate for getting the prize. I’m 100% positive that if given the choice between Pink Mercy + donation to charity for $100 versus $20 Pink Mercy skin and no charity nobody would even think twice and buy it for $20 without care in the world.


Hit the nail on the head. I don’t care if people are selfishly wanting it, I just want transparency for why.


And right now there are definitely a lot of people who truly care.

And before you say “well just donate!” how do you know if they haven’t already, but they still want pink mercy to be back?

What’s so evil about wanting to purchase a nice skin in a game AND wanting to create an incentive for BCRF regardless if people actually care or not?

Pink mercy raised more than 12.7million dollars. If they brought it back again I’m sure it would also raise a lot of money.

Like I previously said, how do you know if they do care about the cause as well?

There is literally nothing wrong with wanting a cosmetic in a game which would raise millions for a good cause.

It doesn’t matter whether people truly care or not, it would still raise millions for BCRF.

Mercy mains absolutely weeping

(I have it btw :heartpulse:)

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Personally I think if they did care, they’d be donating without the incentive.


Sure, I’ll believe you, just like I believed the guy trying to sell me a bridge?

It’s really bad play to keep dragging BCRF and breast cancer into this so that Blizzard will feel pressured/guilty enough to run the event again.

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And how do you know they have? See? This is not a real argument: it’s not falsifiable and leads to meaningless self-referential clauses.

Bottom line: if someone wants to donate, they donate. It’s really impossible to argue for the return of the skin (or anything else) out of charitable causes because there are ways to donate without skins or anything. The goal behind any ask for return of the skin is … return of the skin so that it’s an obtainable item. Let’s not substitute the goal with a side-effect.

Just to be clear: there’s nothing wrong with wanting the skin to return. But it’s at the best of times disingenuous to claim that the reason is some “noble cause” because it simply isn’t by the very fact the main ask is for an item, not the charity.

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