✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

The reality of things is this game isn’t going to get to a place where not having a barrier tank isn’t a huge weakness. Especially and time in the next 6 or so months. (Much less the next 2-3 months before Valorant is out).

And I think the vast majority of players would gladly take

  1. Faster DPS queue times
  2. 4x more worthwhile barrier tank options, with Barrier Tanks that have more carry potential
  3. Not having to worry about “Are we going to get a doubleofftank and lose at the hero select screen”.

How so? The whole point of giving up barriers is to net more damage.

Hog Zarya can work because you hook a crucial squishy and bubble hog so he doesn’t get interrupted. You’ve secured a kill and netted value from it and the charge Zarya accumulated.

The problem is barriers are a safety net to reward foolish mistakes like mass rez used to be. The problem is people psychology give up when they see off tanks. Not the tanks themselves.

Overwatch has endured moth Mercy, Brigitte 1.0, double sniper, Goats and Bunker. It’ll endure a Tencent CSGO mobile looking game knockoff that installs a rootkit for ‘anti cheat protection’

  1. At the cost of Tank and Bruiser times.
  2. That’s assuming all 4 are balanced on release. Which is highly unlikely as you’ve given nothing to state how you’d balance them all. Along with the Bruiser role or who’d be in it. Otherwise it’ll be like you said “defeat at the select screen.”

Amazing idea.Devs should see and consider some experimental card for this and then we could make tanks feel like tanks.I support the concept 100%.

It would cost Bruiser Tanks some queue time. But a majority of them played as fat DPS anyways.

As for which ones, Bruisers would consist of:

  • Zarya
  • Roadhog
  • WreckingBall
  • D.va
  • Mei

Then they have the choice of queue times similar to DPS, playing DPS, or trying out the buffed barrier tanks.

As for why you can’t get rid of barrier tanks, you’d basically need to nerf range damage and range CC/debuffs a lot, as well as make it so you only get Ult charge for kills/assists not poke damage. It would go over a lot more harshly than these changes.

As for BarrierTank changes, I figure start out with where they were in September, or in 1-3-2, whichever is higher.

And they can buff barrier tanks every day if they feel like it, given the rapid patching system. It’s about as simple as editing SERVER_CONFIG.INI.
With no changes to OVERWATCH.EXE.

And the game design for BarrierTanks gets to be really simple when all you have to balance for are:

  1. Are they popular enough
  2. Are they equal to each other
  3. Does it break the game

Those are still tanks, they’re playing just a style of tanking you don’t gel with.

No Doomfist or Reaper as a bruiser? Seems poorly thought out when you look at it like that. Who do we judge as a bruiser and be buffed or nerfed as such when a lot of damage cast could be eligible? Like is Bastion a bruiser or just a big dps? Where do we draw the line?

I’ve never suggested getting rid of barrier tanks. I believe they have their role and are necessary overcoming strong cc, sustain, instakill etc.

So give Rein a huge buff and give Sigma and Orisa laughable compensation that couldn’t even be classed as a revert? Gee that’s swell I thought we were trying to move away from Reinwatch 24/7 :roll_eyes:

You think rapid changing is possible? Please. Unless something is game breaking it doesn’t get changed for 2 weeks at the earliest or months at the latest.

Even if you change patches on a day to day basis there’s no synergy or cohesion between days. Your just throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks. There’s no rhyme or reason to be overworked to such a degree.

See you’ve already failed at 1 and 2 because they go hand and hand while 3 is up for debate or only achievable through certain comps.

I figure the main benefit in the short run is that they wouldn’t need to rebalance offtanks. And if they need to change Mei 350hp, 100selfheal, 10sec wall would work.
Then can add more heroes later if they need to.

You are basically suggested getting rid of the need for barrier tanks. Which almost certainly isn’t going to happen this year.

Launch Sigma was actually pretty strong, and Orisa could be stronger as well. But worst comes to worst they could just up their barriers/hp/firepower by a couple percent every week or so, until it’s good enough.

As for faster balance changes, I practically designed the concept they are using.
Unlike changes to OVERWATCH.EXE which takes weeks of testing and certification, they could make changes to SERVER_SETTINGS.INI every 5 minutes if they wanted to.

I like this idea. But if it’s more streamlined, would be better. I think instead of players fighting for bruiser roles (trying to go first), bruisers should be fully part of Damage class then. This means players who want bruisers can easily select roles. And it’s simpler to code.

I don’t think having more bruisers will necessarily hurt the team. There could be more types of plays. But it probably will be 0, 1 or 2 in a game.

Well, that would be easier to code.

But what I’m trying to avoid is triple offtank, plus one barrier tank.

Also by doing it this way, you don’t need to radically redesign offtanks to have less HP and less utility.
I.e. 300hp Roadhog

I apologize. I need to be educated. What is the problem with triple off-tank?

Too much like GOATs.
Heck, even DoubleTank + Mei/Reaper is too much like GOATs.

Hmm. Yes the triple tank-triple healer. Maybe balancing crowd control is needed, like with stuns, and maybe the protective abilities. Probably won’t need a drastic change to the off tanks/bruisers.

Either that or 1-1-2-2 role que.

I just like more freedom and finding ways to defeat that freedom. GOATS should probably be allowed and balanced maybe? And I think players could figure out how to beat them (Sombra again).

Well, that’s the nice part about my system.

Aside from buffing barrier tanks, which is as simple as “just add more hp/barrier/firepower/etc”

The nice part about this system is that it doesn’t require a change to offtanks or other heroes.

It’s also always easier to hand out strong buffs, than strong nerfs.

Yes. It’s okay. I just don’t like 1st player that selects the bruiser to get the role. There has got to be a que for it. Looks good.

Well that’s what the double hook icon is.
A “dibs queue” for bruiser, that softlocks you to the bruiser role for the initial hero select screen.

Hmm. Very nice. I approve, if that counts for anything.

Edit: I’m open to any suggestions.

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It’s a short run attempt at a fix but leaves a long term issue. Your thinking short sighted and are neglecting long term ramifications.

I said you sacrifice barriers for extra damage. Which is true. You sacrifice that safety for damage. It’s a mindset that people have when they don’t see a Rein Zarya D.Va etc your throwing I’m sick of.

No matter the meta, barriers will persist. Be it 1,2 or 3 plus abilities to mitigate, nullify or absorb damage and healing. It’s a thing that’ll always persist regardless of what changes you make.

Launch Sigma was released with role queue 222 So of course it’d be hard to gauge him. As for Orisa she was one of the few tanks to survive the Goats culling.

But here’s the thing. Incremental changes might seem good in the short term, in the long term you realise the staggering effect such changes can bring. The rocky road of up and down balancing if not tread carefully leads to broken roads and destroyed paths.

Calm down buddy, your ego is inflating to Hindenburg levels.

What is the issue with making sure we only have 1 main tank and 1 off tank? Lack of freedom is what I see.

Maybe there’s a way to make off tanks better at creating small space like main tanks.

Lack of freedom, less comps to work under this change, less viable roster and stagnation overtime has caused this.

Oh I see.

Roadhog: 1 hook 1 kill at decreased range.
Zarya: 2 bubbles shared cooldown.
Wrecking Ball: Higher launch but decreased rolling speed.

There might be ways to make Off tanks function more like main tanks. And balance to other types of crowd control. Small buffs to balance shields.

I like freedom and learning to beat comps or heroes. Just a little balancing.

Yeah, it would but that’s the point. Only the people who want to take ranked seriously should be in comp. Dropping a lot of DPS players like that actually isn’t a bad thing here either.

That depends on how much of an issue you actually think they have. I, for one, don’t think there’s much of an issue with them at all, but a lot of the frustration that comes from them is because of people who aren’t playing seriously. Things like people who refuse to peel, use shields etc.

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