✅ Does this "mean" offtank to you?

Was trying to come up with a better visual to indicate offtank.

How does this do?


Credit for Bluebonnets on this icon idea.

So far I’m liking this icon.

This one seems good too

This one gives more contrast to Tanks


That’s actually pretty good. I imagine main tank queues are going to be 10 seconds


i think a fist would do better


Well it’s a bit complicated, but one aspect of the idea is that it removes almost any restriction towards buffing BarrierTanks. Besides when it’s not fun for the rest of the game.
✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

It should just be a picture of roadhogs hook.

Thats what 9/10 “off tanks” pick anyways


Why not a half-empty shield?

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Possibly, but unless they plan on completely reworking him, the “Bruisers” would be:

  • Roadhog
  • Zarya
  • D.va
  • Hammond
  • Mei

And I don’t think Doomfist has enough Peeling to be close to an offtank.

Hammond is definitely a main tank, whilse sigma is an offtank


I’m gonna guess you were going with the third one?

Yeah number 3, strikes as off tanky.

I like the hybrid of tank and dps logos. If we were gonna do something new, tho, I’d almost say a strong arm?

Well, this isn’t quite as descriptive, but it looks nice.

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Offtanks are Zarya, Hog, Dva and sometimes Sigma and Hammond

The shield with the bullets in it is ugly as hell. Ew.

I am not getting off tank vibes, more like dps tanks, I guess. There is a subtle difference that is not quite captured.

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Yeah, I also realized the icons would be used super tiny on the hero select screen. So I would need something higher contrast. Like this:

I have an even better idea

Main tank icons are centered on the cards
Off tank icons are slightly towards the left, or off center if you will.

There's a second opinion for you.

I prefer the sun logo definitely.

Yeah, cause like said, they have to recognizable when really tiny.

I think the problem is though, off tank and main tank is a playstyle not a hero.

We’ve seen Hammond and Zayar been played as main tanks in the OWC. Winston was considered an off tank before Dive, Sig changes between games depending on what his other tank is. Roadhog and Dva used to be a season 4 meta.

I just dont think the roles are as defying as people think they are. And I dont you need to have a main of anything to win. Like at what point and people gonna demand they need a main healer option as well?

Also this will probably create confusion, and off tank is still a tank that should create space and peel. But here this might just incentivise a more dps playstyle.


I’m building this up so that OffTanks are renamed to the “Bruiser” subclass of DPS. Where you can have 3DPS, and only one of those DPS can go 1Bruiser.

Effectively making it so that people can swap between 1-3-2 and 2-2-2, at will.

And from that it would be hardcoded to be:


  • Reinhardt
  • Sigma
  • Orisa
  • Winston


  • Roadhog
  • Zarya
  • Wrecking Ball
  • D.va
  • Mei

And by blocking DoubleOffTank and DoubleBarrier, you can buff BarrierTanks a lot.
Like making all barrier tanks 25% stronger than current Rein.