Zagara disabled?

Too Op need a nerf next patch

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lol people having problems with killing zagara? LOLOL Dodging her Qs must be hard

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If this is true, good! She deserves to get hard gutted. And unfortunately for Zag, it might even be more than where she was before… GG This is ultimate karma where an underpowered hero is buffed and then nerfed to leave them in an even worse spot. At least Zag mains got like a month in the sun or something.


I’ve never felt a hero was so oppressive that I got tired of seeing them, Zag is the exception. Rest well brood mother.

Her power is more than Q spam, she can melt tanks with corrosive saliva and her early pushing power is just too strong.


Not just tanks. Like Tychus, if she focuses almost anything, they are dead. The only front line hero I have managed to handle her relatively easily on is Sonya. But even that was extremely painful.

I just wish they had done this weeks ago.


No, people having problem beating her 1 vs 1 in lane, just like before, since your team mates could be clueless. And with her new banelings she’s going to take down your gate before the first objective.

Yep, she is disabled. See her icon.

In before the “I bought Zagara because X and can’t play her” complaints.


It’s not about dodging Qs. In fact it’s about eating them so your structures don’t get damaged. Also with the changes she can keep doing this over and over again. She’s like Chromie except she doesn’t run out of mana by spamming Q and doesn’t have to channel.

She still was a terrible hero, but because of Q build changes, she became near impossible to handle.

Not to mention the level 20 W just kill off any forts and keeps late game.


Guess who can also melt tanks… TYCHUS, Gazlower, Valeera, Orphea,…

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Who can be blinded, and has a far shorter range than Zagara, so is slightly more at risk.

What? No. As a tank, I have never been scared of a Gazlowe. CC and tickle damage is no problem. It is Zagara’s burst % damage that matters. Malthael is 5x more scary to face as a tank than Gaz.

What? No. Tanks are designed to handle being focused, most have ways to reveal her, and are durable enough to live through her opener. If anything, as a tank I want her attacking me, not my back line.

While a good Orphea can be a threat, it takes far more skill and daring for her to kill a tank compared to a Zag who sits three screens away and just throws everything at you from complete safety.

I have no problems with heroes who are designed to kill tanks as their niche, whether it is Malthael, Tychus, Leo, or the like. But all of them have some form of counterplay, or must take risks to kill me. Current Zagara, not so much.


It’s her siege damage with banelings from 2 screens away. What are you not understanding?


The fact you think these 3 are even in the same league of tank busting power
hell the fact you think Valeera is even good ATM proves to me you don’t know what you’re talking about meta wise


“I bought this hero solely so I could abuse her to climb while she is broken, and now I can no longer do that!?”


I think you are just trolling now. You properly dont have a clue how good she was at both pvp and pve. She could melt everyone in secs even tanks and take away your forts while standing two screens away. ¨

And dont tell me we are all whiners caus we are not.

Ya keep trolling dude. Yes its easy to avoid banelings but your wall/towers and your forts wont fell so good after 3 min of endless baneling spam.

But does anyone of those have as high pve power as Zag ? No they dont. But it should not surprice me if you were one of those bandwaggon players that spammed her for easy wins and now complain about her being disabled now.


Yes, pretty much. It’s not too often a hero is disabled, yet you still have some arguing she was fine and it was a L2P issue. The Devs didn’t disable her because she’s cute.


Only thing that bothers me is why remove her from AI ?

Its not like she make chaos and destrution in that mode.


I can only think maybe it took less time? It does make you feel sorry for the VS AI mains, they often are forgotten about.


Funny thing… purely split push Zagara with Q build have a relatively big chance of losing because your teammates can either soak sub optimally, fight badly, or not channel objectives which gives the enemy AI chance to capture them. Even teamfight Zagara with bile drop, corossive, and maw can still lose as AIs will automatically avoid your E’s so one could argue vs AI was the only place she can lose lmao

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Between the sheer number of shots she gets with it, as well as the existence of chokepoints, bodyblocks, enemy cc and all the other shots that you also need to dodge, yes, it actually is.

Just because a skillshot should be easy to dodge in a vacuum doesn’t mean it’s actually rare for it to hit in a real game.

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ya not eligible for 50% ***t ratio

LOL! Yeah, dodging her Q is the issue.

Zagara win % by rank…
71% - Master
65% - Diamond
63% - Platinum
61% - Gold
53% - Silver
47% - Bronze

If all you had to do was dodge her Q’s, then this table would be exactly the opposite.

Yup, those Master/Diamond players need to get better and learn how to dodge her Q’s like the Bronze/Silver players.