You can still reach Trust Level 3 after getting banned on the forums


I think I should really clear this up since this is still a fresh forum to pretty much everyone here who never used Discourse forums before.

There are three different type of bans, I’ll explain both:


A soft ban, users loses access to post on the forums until it expires, they can still, however, interact with it like liking posts and casting flags, this ban decreases your trust level, but does not deny you from getting back to Trust Level 3.


Revok your rights to pretty much everything with the exception of things similar to Bookmarking a topic, you also will be locked back to Trust Level 2 for 24 hours, if you were Trust Level 3 previously you will regain it back.

Perma Ban:

These users are permanently banned.

I hope this clears things up for people who got Silenced and the people who were actually suspended here, keep in mind this also applies the same when it comes to in-game bans, silenced in-game = silence on the forums, suspended in game = suspended on the forums.


To everyone who has not clue what the hell is the trust level, please refer to this post:


Updated the info to avoid false information.


So my questions is the following:
What are the trust levels?
How can you reach them?
How do I know my trust level?


i also have no idea about those and would like to learn. I want to be a highly trusted individual.


You reach them by actively participating in the community this also includes reading posts, daily visits, not getting flagged, not getting suspended, casting likes on posts.

Each level has a different requirement more info can be found here:

The only known way to check which level you are from .json profile that every user has, these stores all your settings (that can only be seen by you of course), your public post stats and trust levels.

To figure out which level I made a guide months ago step by step how to.

But I’ll just post it from scratch here, to check your trust level

  1. go to your profile page

  1. On the top there’s a link to your profile replace /activity or /summary if they are on the link, then add .json at the end.

  1. Open the word finder (Ctrl + F in Google Chrome), and type trust_level in the search bar each searched trust_level has a number next to it, the highest number is your current level in the forums.


so much effort for such a simple thing. couldn’t they just add a button somewhere to access this trust level? jesus


Thank you!

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They could at least show it in your profile, idk why it’s not there, the Discourse Meta Forums has that as a feature too.


Actually a few weeks ago I got my first chat ban since they “reformed” the silence system and it didn’t automatically silenced me on the forum. I could comment, like, everything like before, and in the same time they unfairly removed one of my topics and I started a discussion about the forum moderation. They banned me for that for a week, I contested it and they said it is because of the ingame violation (which is not true, I have the e-mail) however I only lost the comment function. They said the ban duration is 2 weeks just like the ingame suspension but the forum suspension expired after one week.


This is really odd. :confused:


i am level 3, so what do i earn? a free in-game skin?


Nothing because you aren’t

You are trust level 2.


good find! why the heck can you see my stats? this is my data we are talking about? i haven’t given you my consent to see my data (you will get sued because of GDPR).


not really true is it?


Your settings like who you muted and stuff -> Cannot be seen by people, these are settings.

Your public stats like days, posts and all that stuff -> Can be seen by anyone, because your profile is public, unless you private it.


I know I am going to sound like an idiot, but WTF is trust lvl and where in the heck do you even check it?


Scroll above, or…


Done! changed to private! :slight_smile: Now, since you can’t see my trust level, i will ask again, what do i earn with trust lvl 3? :slight_smile:


This is so sad.

Alexa play despacito

You get to post pics, you can hide posts other users make if they are level 0, your likes per day is doubled, you can make wikis that everyone can edit, also you can post links without getting denied.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Mfw im 0 at eu forums and 2 or 3 on US because i marked the us forums quick link on my forums and never visited the new EU.

Doesnt matter, EU forums are ded anyway

Im from EU

Edit: wait why do we have separate forum accounts wth?