Will of the Forsaken Unusable


I’ve now gotten this bug twice and it has lost me the game twice. Sometimes after selecting the level 16 Sylvanas talent Will of the Forsaken, an activate ability that grants movement speed and unstoppable, it is grayed out for the entire game and can not be activated. Dying doesn’t fix it and smashing the keyboard also doesn’t fix it. If you ping it to tell your allies, it will say “Sylvanas is ready to use” but it isn’t.


Hey DarkLady,

Thanks for the report! Can you please send in a replay of a match where this issue occurred to our Heroes Bug Attachment Inbox.

Thank you,
~ Fizivix


How do you send replays?


everything is explained in the white underlined link, where to find the file and how to send it


Just got the glitch again but this time with Possession. I think it bugs if you are in the middle of haunting wave teleport when you select it. And yes, it lost me the game again. Thanks Blizz.

Note: I tried killing myself as well as exiting the game and rejoining, still unusable.