Will Anduin be the next hero?

I have heard people saying that he won’t be the next hero. But when i asked them about the source where they got that information, they didn’t reply. So do you know the source? If you do, please comment below.

If you still haven’t known about the Anduin’s leak then here it is: https://twitter.com/overwatchnae…/status/1092963014578335745

Why would Blizz make announcements about who the next hero won’t be?

Coming? Pretty much yes. Next? Rather not.


Was just about to post this. For those unaware the rumors at that time were about an anduin skin “leak” from some twitter account, leading to people speculating he was the next hero.

Well if his kit fun, I’ll bite.

That could also mean there are a few more content releases before the next hero. It’s not necessarily a confirmation for Anduin.

Given the current events with still no hero teases to me it kinda feels like they are buying time. I know there was an expectation of a content slow down but I would have thought we’d see that after they finalized the new content release schedule, which to the best of my knowledge they haven’t. I’m expecting bad news.

Maybe. Either way we will see this month as it is both time for a new hero and i doubt they will launch a major event without a hero release.

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It looks like a legit leak in the past things like yrel release loading screen or deckard Cain menu screen got leaked and they were true

I had read that before you posted it. I thought “releases” meant all the “patches” that we got recently, not “hero releases”. Are you sure that the dev meant “hero releases”, not “patches”? Unlike Orphea, his leak is not a portrait but an advertisement for his skins pack and i don’t think that they make these kinds of collection’s art a long time before the actual hero’s annoucement. So from what i understand, he is the next hero (but he might not be in the next patch).

That looks more like a fan art than actual work-in-progress leak. Also, they are holding an AMA this Wednesday. So, don’t expect any reveal before it. They wouldn’t want to derail the session with questions centered around the new hero.

My brother’s-uncle’s-cousin’s-twice removed-step-boyfriend-who-also-used-to-work-at-Nintendo who works at Blizz told me these are going to be his 2 heroic choices:

Anxiousness (10) - Anduin nervously wrings his hands particularly around enemy Horde heroes, and enters a friendly fort for 1080 seconds. During this time Anduin cannot take actions including move, leave the fort or cast abilities. EXP earned near Anduin in the fort will not be collected by Anduin.

Anduin is, however, allowed to have tea with 1 Orc Horde hero. This also accomplishes nothing.

Anxiousness’ bonuses are doubled when map objectives are active that could change the outcome of any given war/teamfight. -1 second cooldown.


“Short” “Leash” (10) - Anduin shoots a Greymane player on either team a disapproving look, but does nothing past this. The Greymane player is free to do whatever they like regardless of Anduin’s disapproval because apparently that’s never stopped him before regardless of what The Alliance has had to lose due to Greymane’s personal actions, the Alliance are fortunate Greymane is a terrible hunter. “Short” “Leash” can stack twice (somehow). 13.7 second cooldown, right-click to auto-cast.

I don’t think so. It looks like their normal skins pack’s advertisement in the collection.

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Looked like fan art to me as well. They’ve been pretty good at recreating models in HoTS lately, and that anduin’s face looked almost nothing like the current in-game WoW one.

The art was actually datamined from the PTR so it’s 100% true (Chinese website so you can use google translate): ttps://bbs.nga.cn/read.php?tid=16335126&_ff=431&rand=277
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And of course his model doesn’t look like his in-game WoW model. His WoW model is bad. This model looks more like him in the cinematics. HotS models have always been better than WoW models as they’re newer.


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