Who are your mains ? (CLOSED ! )


Morales 168 (replaced by Tyrande 15ish)
Uther 46
Rehgar 18
Auriel 15 (replaced by Malfurion 18)

Server: NArrow
Game Mode: Unranked

Boy if they never touched Medic, she’d be triple in level and still my most favorite go-to healer in any game I’ve played ever. But unfortunately they made her trash tier. Can’t even deny liking getting 3 man stuns for 700+ dmg on Tyrande though.



Tracer: 181
Li Ming: 82


Valeera, li Ming, maiev, alarak

But I gave up on everyone else for valeera.

Then I gave up on valeera too. Because blizzard doesn’t care about her


Li-Ming - 105
Nova - 87
Zagara - 84
Azmodan - 50

For question #2 (about mains being ‘dropped’), if that happened, if for some reason I couldn’t play Ming anymore as my main I would probably move to Kael’thas (I like him about as much as Ming actually).

For #3, game modes are about 95% VAI on Elite, maybe 4% Brawl and 1% QM.

For #4, Americas server only.

On a side note, I’m seeing pictures (crops) of profile screens. How do you guys upload images? When I try to I get a message saying we can’t upload links or pictures in posts. (I haven’t used the forums much since they updated it for HOTS).


nice, wht build?

theres a lonngggg way to go for u to do it :slight_smile:
u need visit forums more n more, read more topics, participate, n then u wil b trust level 3 , n thts when u can post pics n videos n everything



No i mostly use the master skin or the halloween skins.


lol just assumed that since all the others are Zergs , and it happened that BW got a Zerg skin :stuck_out_tongue:


Put your link either in code block:
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Or a quote:

www.Your Link here.now

And if you want your links/pictures to be visible directly in post, you’ll need to get trust level 3 (impossible, you would have to live on these forums to achieve that).


Mains/Top 4: (Lifetime - ALL MODES)

  • Nova 99 - 720 games
  • Sylvanas 90 - 709 games
  • Zeratul 78 - 660 games
  • Valla 70 - 525 games

(Lifetime - QM/UD/Ranked: HL/TL/SL)

  • Nova 99 - 716 games
  • Zeratul 78 - 653 games
  • Sylvanas 90 - 650 games
  • Valla 70 - 488 games

Mains/Top 4: (2019, S2 - ALL MODES)

  • Sylvanas 90 - 83 games
  • Abathur 45 - 75 games
  • Chromie 42 - 50 games
  • Lunara 47 - 49 games

(2019, S2 - QM/UD/SL)

  • Abathur 45 - 75 games
  • Sylvanas 90 - 65 games
  • Chromie 42 - 50 games
  • Lunara 47 - 47 games

(Most played mode: QM)
(Server: Asia)

// I do not have much time for Ranked considering queue/draft/match times //

Note: I no longer play much of Valla since 2018, S4 due to me trying to practice Tanks/Bruisers and busy with IRL stuff. I play her occasionally, same with Zera. They are usually my go-to picks when I get super tilted or when I’m feeling emotional after some personal fights/arguments. They are my ‘feel better pls’ picks. I will forever love Valla :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I wish they would tie this to to account level or something instead. The way they have it is dumb.




you better! else we’ll have a problem. jk!

wat wat wat wat wat that’s actually nice!


For the builds, it just depends on my mood and the map mostly :smiley:

But I usually go with Missiles, although I really like just playing the ambulant nuke with an Orb build. I rarely use the Teleport build, I know how to play it but it’s overall just not my ‘Mage play’ style. I’d say it’s about 60% of the time with Missiles, maybe 35% with Orbs and 5% Teleport.


Nice, i hate the orb build, feels useless,
the missile build is ok, never tried it though, its good for sieging too.

i always go teleport, yup, teleport is risky, u need to jump in the middle, but it has its own fun :smiley:




And don’t get forum banned because you used evil words like ‘‘politician’’. :joy:

  • Zeratul 67
  • Diablo 67
  • Mephisto 58
  • Tassadar 26 (depending on future changes to Tass he could fall to Murky 26 as they are both equally liked in my eyes)

US Server - Quick Match

Old mains that i stopped playing
Xul - I hated that they pushed him away from the summon build and made him more reliant on the scythe
LiMing - Because of the Calamity nerf. Made her too specialized and i can no longer pick up the slack like i used to (since i play QM that is common)

Almost stopped playing Diablo after the last rework but after tinkering with builds and the fact i love anything Diablo related i forced myself to adjust.


Well that really took me so long to answer but sure.

Here’s my 32 most played heroes and favs:

Also EU and QM.


I might be 1 or 2 levels off here and there, as I am not at home right now.

Nova: 179
Ana: 103
Yrel: 52

Game mode: QM
Server: EU