Who are your mains ? (CLOSED ! )


Thank you !
True i did say that lol
Usually the heroes that are the most played are the highest levels but its true theres case where they can be higher levels and have less game then othes lol

The change are greatly appreciated !

  • top 4 mains
Hero Level Played (Season) Win% (Season) Server
Guldan L87 51 51 US Central
Jaina L29 24 75 US Central
Sonya L46 23 52 US Central
Morales L18 16 50 US Central
Hero Level Played (life/ranked) Win% (life/ranked) Server
Guldan L87 566 48.1 US Central
Nazeebo L85 551 54.3 US Central
Azmodan L62 505 55.6 US Central
Tychus L46 338 51.2 US Central

wanted to add a contrasting point of view up there. lifetime info which is very different.

in this case we can see i stayed playing Guldan…because he is just fun to play. :wink:

Naz… i still play occassionally but i dropped him as a main because as you get more experience you really notice that he is not main material overall in many metas we have gone through. pretty much his only good deal is his scaling HP with big voodoo and the really late game damage which for what its worth is more of a ‘win more’ in a lot of cases… but can be a game changer sometimes. in all seriousness Guldan does most of what Naz does but in a better way.

Azmodan, i dropped as a main because i found other things worked better at the time (pre rework). like playing Naz. then after rework he gets banned so there isnt a real reason to look at him as more than an ocassional pick still.

Tychus dropped from main to casual pick because of several changes that were done in the past. such as lower range… removing vampiric… etc. and lets be honest here vampiric actually worked great because it was a per hit mechanic vs a charge up delayed heal.

Who are your most played heroes THIS SEASON?

Don’t have access to hots right now so levels might be a little off.

  • Valeera 95

  • Illidan 42? Dropped him because he has low utility compared to Valeera.

  • Tracer 30ish?

  • Hanzo 25? Dropped because I always seem to lose with him.

Replacements will probably be Samuro and I will just wait till Illidan gets reworked or only play him in niche situations. I’m NA and play mostly quick match, some times unranked. Never played a game of comp.


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ok, to start with, how u add tht table ? :open_mouth: i format it with spaces lol

n for the OP

Ming Lvl 52
Greymane Lvl 50
Varian Lvl 23

Side Ones=
KT Lvl 20
Nova Lvl 13

Moving to =
Jaina Lvl 7
KTZ Lvl 5

Game Mode=
80% SL
15% QM
05% Brawl (Only play it 3 times a week for chest, or if need to wait for a frend to finish game, or to get the disconnect penalty off my back)

EU Server, but, I accidentally made an account on NA too :D, im Lvl 0 Player level on it :smiley:


All the nice formatting tricks are detailed in this thread:


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Kerrigan, Ming, Ragnaros, Nova, Tychus

Feature of the month favorites: currently ETC, Uther and Orphea

I play only SL. Generally at least 40 heroes get 2+ games per season.


It’s hard to find real mains since I like to play different things. I choose what to play mostly based on the daily quest and who needs to get to 5, 10, etc.
Playing almost exclusively QM.

Mains per my profile:

Hero Level Winrate Comment
D.Va 55 55.5% kinda rare / just not good enough, she was my second main
Orphea 30 51%
Tracer 27 60.2% rare / feels overnerfed, she was my first main
Tyrande 20 56.6% rare / I play so many supports

Actual mains:

Hero Level Winrate Comment
Orphea 30 51%
Muradin 11 69.2% until recently, I absolutely wouldn't touch him, then I played him


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Look at the protoss suppremacist.


Broken down by role, in Bold are my 4 most played.

Preferred role: Tank or Bruiser. Flexible in draft.

Preferred game mode: Unranked Draft

ETC, Johanna, Blaze, Arthas, Varian

Melee Assassin:
Samuro, Gazlowe

Ranged Assassin:
Sgt. Hammer, Jaina, Raynor, Zagara, Gul’Dan

Rexxar, Artanis, Thrall, Xul

Uther, Reghar, Malfurion, Tyrande

The Lost Vikings, Abathur, Zarya, Tassadar


Protoss are the master race , what are about it :joy: ?

No need to break it down per role , just whats your top 4 characters on your profile, their level , indicate if you stop playing any of them and for what reasons ( and who did you replaced them with if it happened ) . :slight_smile:

Servers and usual game modes would be appreciated :+1:


4 most played heroes on my profile:
Kharazim (level 36)
Xul (level 31)
Junkrat (level 22)
Kaelthas (level 22)

Kharazim is still my “main” main, I love him and I thought his lil rework was fine. I dont really play Xul anymore cuz I kinda got bored of him, same with Kaelthas. Junkrat I still play from time to time, but still not super often cuz spamming q all the time gets boring as well.

So, replacement mains:
Nazeebo (level 20)
Orphea (level 15)
Tyrande (level 12)

I play mostly QM and UR, sometimes vs AI, on NA server

Hero Level Played Win% Server
Abathur L193 1286 59 US Central
Zagara L58 362 51 US Central
Rexxar L39 224 60 US Central
Sgt. Hammer L37 218 55 US Central

think i just found my soulmate


You’re asking who my mains are. I don’t have a main, I play to the draft and I have a lot of heroes i like to play a lot.


1: Kerrigan, 747 games played and 57,8 % winrate
2: Brightwing, 742 games played, 53,8 % winrate
3: Zagara, 571 games played, 53,1 % winrate.
4: Dehaka, 518 games played, 49,4 % winrate

EU server.


Close to, yes. For Cho, it was for the nerf. On Asmodan, i simply did not like the changes in mechanics.


Nova - 47 (got bored/frustrated by her)
Abathur - 48 (got bored)
Zagara - 16 (got bored of her)
Sonya - 15 (I honestly don’t remember…I guess I got bored of her)

Varian - 13
Nazeebo - 10
Butcher - 11
Tracer - 10

Most of the time I play vs AI these days. Rarely I play QM.
NA server only


Let me guess, you use this skin https://heroesofthestorm.gamepedia.com/File:Brightwing_Primal.jpg