What u do with gold now? no new heroes to buy for while


50k gold and nothing to buy… gg


If you have all the heroes I guess you just have to drop it on rerolls.

Though I think they said they’re going to have more gold mounts in the future


i mean, uh, what ^ said


mounts cost shard, not gold. well couple mount cost gold but thats it.


yeah, I was partially wrong. It’s being discussed right now.


ah ty info man^^ sound good


Something I never understood is why didnt they do something like add a few daily quest to get shards if you have a stim.

Like maybe be able to get 100-200 shards a day w/ a quest if you have an active stim pack.

I mean you kinda get that from the extra gold, but adding that in would be a much better incentive to stay stimmed up imo.


I hoard it.


Don’t you also have something like 50 unopened Loot Chests from the start of 2.0?


Still have my veteran chests, legendary chests, Sun’s Out sweepstakes 50 chests (plus another 30 from earning the old fashioned way and more rare/epics), a whole bunch of chests from every other event, ~50 epic chests, ~125 rare chests, ~25 Tracer chests and a boatload of other hero-specific chests, and ~450 regular chests after opening nearly 100 for some boosts for this event. Would’ve had over 1000 now if I didn’t open any recently. And this is excluding the ones on my smurfs – have a lot there too. Kek.


lul, I stand very corrected, I was way off with that 50 chest estimate! :smile:


You can get Blackhearth announcer for gold now. Also Kevin.


They’re missing a huge opportunity to do something exclusive with gold for boost users.