What is going on at HOTS?

I’ve been looking over the news for all titles. Going back all the way to December 25 i mostly see weekly deals and brawls. There was this one Aba and Ana rework but that’s it. The only title with less activity is Diablo 3.

I’d like to know what we’re to be expecting in the future?


The Toy event happened on the 11th and lasted till the 4th of February so that was a thing for hots

Along with the biggest balance patch in a good while


Read the dev post Hoku linked. Seems they’re looking to adapt to this new staff. I would be guessing they’re having meetings about having meetings. Quoting someone blue here.

I’d like to have a metaphor. HOTS before the reassignment of the devs would be like a truck on the highway. After the changes, the truck would have to retrograde. Means gearing lower and clutching? Silly automatic drivers…

Anyway, point is they won’t know until they try to do something. Instead of planning for 2024, i would propose them to do something small and easy. See how that goes. A point of reference and something to work from and take places.

EDIT: How about Last in First out?

You’ve just missed the release of one of the most requested Hero ever in January.


No i didn’t… <.< >.>

Oh wait, i did.


So they changed all the chars around to balance it and ruined all the OG chars…I haven’t played this game since August’ 18 played it today and it’s just awful now…sad I sunk over 200$ into this mess

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I know it might be fun or interesting, but there is no real point speculating what the devs might be up to. I take a wait and see approach. By that I mean I will wait and see what changes are actually made to the game. Many things have been promised in the past, not delivered, it’s best just to take the good when it comes along.

I suspect we will be seeing more info about roadmaps and plans in the next few months.

The odds are right about now we’re probably seeing the content that was mostly finalized before the terribly announced announcements about downsizing and HGC dying.

So sometime next month I expect we’ll start seeing what the reduced team was working on. But I might be off by a month.

And, do note, just because the downsizing/moving was planned… Doesn’t mean people were moved right away. I suspect that the team only finished downsizing towards the end of January.

So it might be more like April to June where the smaller team effects content much. And even so… I honestly expect it to be more on the cosmetic side. Where in terms of the “main gameplay content” (i.e. new heroes/reworks) there are probably a dozen or more characters that have vague kits that can be finished and released.

I do suspect the balance of the new heroes will probably be worse (granted, a lot of it seems like it is half guesswork from Dev Team, and half luck).

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