What happened to HotS?


So I don’t play HotS much last I played was probably 2 years ago. But wanted to get back into it recently as a side game.

However this past week I have seen so much trash talk on HotS on youtube, reddit, forums etc but no one actually talking about everything that happened recently. Can someone fil me in please?

Also Blizzard across the board is struggling in every game possible, Warcraft, Heroes, Hearthstone, Overwatch, etc not talking about the games itself as I still enjoy them but the numbers compared to other games as well as people hating on blizz everywhere.

Whats happening fam?


Heroes of the Storm esport was cancelled in a very unprofessional way by Blizzard which resulted in unemploying many pro players who were waiting for news about HGC 2019 for a month so far.

Also they moved alot of the devs to other games and unannounced projects and placed the game on maintenance mode.

As a result we will probably move to more community made esports and getting the usual updates will probably become much slower than before.

Blizzard cancelling HGC and Heroes of the Dorm, placing the game on maintenance mode:

Message from Kaéo Milker:


HotS 2.0 happened. They removed ammo and reworked stealth.

If they didn’t do that, I can guarentee you the game would still be alive today.


Removing ammo was a good thing.

Or rather, changing ammo was. There were/are other options, but it needed to be changed. I imagine there is a better solution, but what exactly that is… I am unsure.

As for stealth reworks, I can only speak for Nova, but her rework makes her much more enjoyable to play as and against imo.

Didn’t play other stealthies before rework much, or after. Cannot comment on them.


Valeera, ESPECIALLY nova, zeratul, samuro were gutted by the stealth changes.

The stealth rework removed nova’s previous “sneaky-beeky sneak in unseen in a team fight, hit q, run with your tail between your legs” is what made her so enjoyable for me.

I’m like, level 23 with nova I think?

New nova is horribly boring and caters to bad players who don’t want to get punished and insta-gibbed for getting caught.

Valeera can’t even be called a rogue anymore.

Zeratul needed a damage rework but effectively removing stealth from him made his previous “dive in, murder someone, get out” a lot less effective.

Samuro can’t easily sneak away like before, which was a core part of his gameplay.

Its just overall bad now.


STOP, please.

We have absolutely no ideas how many (as a percentage or absolute number) of developers were moved.

We have no idea which teams they were a part of in the greater HotS dev team.

It is not good, but there is just as little suggesting it is maintaince mode with barely any updates as much as their is little suggesting we’ll still get about the same amount of non-cosmetic content.

We need more details, and it probably is in the middle of those two options. But stop with the flat out FUD. The truth is already negative. And there is no reason to assume and state it is worse than stated. Especially not when we will supposedly get a roadmap/information/etc outlining how things will change per the very own post you linked.

I suspect we’ll see somewhere between 50% and 75% as much overall content total. Probably closer to 50%. Counting New heroes, new maps, and reworks as content. With near the same amount of balance patches.


I’m level 41 with Nova. FYI.

She is much more fun to play for me, at least.


And for me she is obscenely boring now.

They should have released a new “ghost” hero and done what they did to nova to that hero.

Not this raynor-esque snoozer of a once fun hero.

But who am I to say anything, I stopped playing this game when they killed it in 2018.

[I’m talking about removing ammo and stealth]

There was no problem with ammo as it was, it gave specialists and split pushers a niche. If towers running out of ammo was a problem, they could have increased the amount of ammo or slightly increased the regeneration rate, or both.

instead they removed it and made specialists useless.


And yet split pushing strats with specialists still still is fine.

Typically you don’t see it in ranked as hard to surprise an enemy team. But sometimes other team drafts no wave clears!


Except now it isn’t nearly as rewarding because you don’t drain ammo and cause minions to push while you help your team in mid, making them game into a pure teamfight/deathball game with no way for a team that’s mechanically countered to have a path to victory.

Teamfights on the objective are fun

Teamfights for the entire game are not


You can still split push.

It is harder.

You’ve (supposedly, per yourself) not played the game since 2.0, I imagine shortly after.

I lost a game playing with some random people to a team that focused on splitpushing.

We won the team fights, and more of the objectives, but we lacked wave clear and that led to them managing to win, the constant pressure forced us to not be able to stay in a “deathball” and that resulted in a lost team fight during an objective.

It can work. It is harder.


What’s happening? People are still clamoring for Mei’s hero release and we kept getting generic Warcraft heroes a lot of the time. To put the nail in the coffin, they decided to not release any Overwatch heroes for this entire year. It’s ridiculous!


Thank you all for the replies, I can see where things have gone wrong now. Hope it gets better because this is one of the better MOBA’s


i prefer that they just stop putting ow characters in at all but that’s just me. i don’t like ow.


This game is absolute trash, probably going to get banned again for speaking my mind, way to go blizzard with the censure. Maybe that 800 employee layoff was well deserved in the end! Lets the blizzard games die out.


Same thing that’s been happening across the board for a while now.

Activi$ion takeover is finally beginning. They waited for everyone with heart and care for Blizzard to step down and for their sockpuppets to replace them, and the time is here.


You know, I didn’t think something was up with this thread until I saw copy’s post. Then I knew it must’ve been necroed!


Love the game , rly wish they would focus more on it , it has so much pottential …


5 months later, the game quality has decreased visibly. They merged hero league and team league to combat dangling ranked player numbers. Killing the pro scene also killed the rank population. The new storm league is an absolute clown fiesta compared to ranked games from 1 year ago, which should be telling something (since ranked has been pretty trash for a few years now).

They increase the length of events and flood with useless cosmetics just to milk as much as possible from the remaining delusional players like you.

QA is now worse than ever, bugs impacting game play are not fixed (see AI bug, see Stromg league seed bug), which hints that they moved more than just developers.

Wow, you must be feeling really special.


Not going to comment on ranked and discussion there, especially given they were planning to merge them before the sudden knifing of HGC.

But, uh, are you really gonna call at month long even “increased length”?

The toy event was a one-off increase as far as I can tell.

They’ve been flooding cosmetics ever since HotS 2.0?
Like, is this suddenly news to you?

okay lol.

AI “bug” is a massive overhaul of the AI system which has had a lot of work done. I don’t think they’ve got close enough to fixing it.

It really isn’t related to the QA team.

Of course they moved more than just developers.
But the amount is not nearly as small as most people seemed to think.

I dunno, maybe I am special?
The point was I’ve played a lot of Nova and as opposed to the person I responded to, I feel in terms of fun to play, Nova is in a very good place!