What can i spend my gold on?

I have 22 K gold. I own all the characters. I spend at least one roll on chests if i dont get a nice skin/mount/booster pack (shame how rare boosters are now)

I wish I could convert gold into gems so i could save up for that 360 day boost pack. There’s no more mounts for gold.
Would also be great to get a filter to search for items you can afford, with each currency type. A gold filter might help me navigate the incredible store.

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Rerolling chests is currently the best investment.


i just can’t justify the return of investment with the random chances staying the same every roll but the price going up.
250 is fine for a reroll, but if im paying 500 g i want the odds of things to go up.
if all i can spend gold on is rerolls, then im disappointed and will hoard it as a feat of its own worth bragging rights.
50k+ gold > some sprays.

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They have announced a plan to convert gold to shards in the future, so I would save up for that if you have particular skins/mounts/cosmetics you want.

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Do you have a link for the announcement? This would really be a great move for them. Gives me purpose to playing.

From the Blue sticky at the top of the forum:

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Don’t keep your hope too high though. Since you can expect a ridiculously expensive exchange rate that would go anywhere from 10-50 gold for 1 shard. It would be a true “gold sink”. And that 22k of yours won’t last long.

It is a shame that there was no announcement about the ability to turn gold into shards or anything similarly made recently… on, wait…

On a more serious note, boosts/stimpack/whateverTheyCallThemInTheFuture will not realistically be purchasable without real money probably forever.