Thought on the game “dying”


I want to first say that the game has the chance to die and not depending on blizzards decisions I really love the game and it’s mechanics like 2 ultimates talents and more so I’ll keep playing the game no matter what but depending on the decisions I might play less.

Well ounestly as long as there would be bug fixes and balancing one in a while like max of 2 mounts an update I would play the game and maybe a new hero every 3-4 mounts and reworks for heroes who really need it.

I know for sure I’ll support the game even if it will turn into a sellout I actually don’t mind spending money on new skins.

In conclusion as long as blizzard will stick to what they said about keep apdating the game I’ll support it and I hope that a lot of people won’t listen to all the clickbate around the game is dying cause it is still fun and as long as we have the nessesery balancing and bug fixes we are set.


They will continue to support the game no doubt. The question is, how much?


I haven’t played the game for months, it’s extremely boring and they just failed the game hard.

Removing the devs from Heroes of the Storm is a killing attempt. The only thing to be excited about HOTS is the new Hero reveals, but if you drop that to a very low rate, good luck

Even they told the players to be excited for their new games. So this is a sinking ship, better find a new game or cry hard when the server is shut down.


Meh, long wait updates is nothing new to me.

Refer to TF2 for an example of waiting a year for new content and (soon to be) 2 years for the final comic issue.


As long as they release significant heroes that count, like Mei, from here on out then we should be good. No more generic Warcraft heroes – even Gharbad the Weak brings something new and more exciting to the table than that.


I actually went to play LoL a few months ago, I couldn’t understand how it was popular. It just seemed so mindnumbingly boring. Farm buy item, farm, buy item, farm, oh you can’t do anything because you are facing a guy in your lane that has a ridiculous poke, wait for someone else to come along.

This is over an hour. I have no idea how people can play this match after match.


i am so happy that blizzard said that they will work on the game “regularly”


If DayZ has managed to stay even a little bit alive, i have no doubt heroes will too.


Sounds like someone tried to play LoL like HOTS and realized it’s a different beast.

League is more popular because first of all, it came before the MOBA rush and established itself well in advance.

Second, League rewards you for playing well, something HOTS does very poorly.

In League, you can make up for slack of your weaker team mates and drag them over the finish line, even if they are kicking and screaming the whole way there.

In HOTS, just one guy is enough to drag your team down so hard it’s extremely hard to make up for it.