The State of Heroes of the Storm A.I

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Yay! Finally work on the A.I., i’ve noticed some ai’s are better than others. It would be nice to have good AI because then having leavers wouldn’t be as bad.


I wouldn’t mind it if the difficulties for the vs A.I. Was more tuned to something like “Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond-Master” So if I pick Elite, it would almost be like playing against higher tier players vs picking Easy being like playing against Bronze.

And I do hope that what ever changes are happening to the AFK A.i. replacement isn’t going to make them WORSE then they already are. I’m a little concerned because it sounds like you are planning to make the AI replacements dumber…? If I read that right.


I don’t know about Versus A.I, but talking about DC/AFK I aways appreciated the AIs (except when then circle around, but that’s kinda rare… for me at least). I mean, a Half over a Zero does a pretty good job and they usually take the blame instead of the DC’d (which are the real problem in these cases but also not for this post).

I think something the A.I lacks is some sort of a sense of safety based on the hero it is controling which should change a bit how it’s Goal works: Healers should try to stay close behind their team prior to going to objectives or laning. Heroes who doesn’t have a decent waveclear shouldn’t be waveclearing when not urgent. the A.I should know to avoid enemy territory (which change a lot with laning, vision, health and visible enemy heroes) specially when they’re alone and, with that being said, they should know how to regroup before advancing to an objective or such.

Of course I don’t know how these translates to game design and I don’t know if these suggestion would even be viable workwise.
If you think something I said is dumb or unnecessary or if you think it could be adjusted somehow I’m very open to discussion ‘-’


9 minutes? It’s nice that your hammer is willing to farm half the match. Often it’s Keep > Core > GG

There needs to be a context where if towers take damage and don’t deal damage the bots move to defend. As is Hammer is pretty much unopposed unless she drive right through the middle of the enemy team.

Hey, Stavros. This is reasonable, I can look into Nova (love her) decoy A.I.


Btw do you think there’s any chance you could look into Nova decoy randomly sniping stealthed enemies? It feels like a very strange interaction. I can’t even tell what triggers it, the decoys sometimes just shoot me and I lose my stealth as valeera which is pretty annoying.

I’m fine with actual AI being able to see stealth (like, if someone disconnects) but for decoys it doesn’t really feel right considering other summons ignore stealthed heroes

Maybe it’s intended but I figure I might as well ask while I have the chance.

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I get that this suggestion was off topic. But was it really nessecary to flag it?

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I’m so glad to see you guys putting effort into making the game better! Had an Ragnaros AI yesterday who picked sulfuras smash and used it off cool down on minion waves xD


I have been playing Heroes of the Storm for four years when I have spare time. I enjoy A.I. because it gives those of us who prefer to play and have fun alone rather than play the game in a MMOP environment. I played MMOP games by Blizzard since 2004. My game of choice used to be WoW when I was obtaining my bachelors degree. I appreciate Blizzard Entertainment & BlizzKGu’s work. I invested in Activision years ago as a way to show my support for Blizzard. BlizzKGu thank you for everything you do for us to make HOTS a fun and exciting experience without the drama of those hard core player mentalities which I admit I used to be a part of when I played MMOP’s. I enjoy A.I. mainly because of people just like BlizzKGu. A company is only as strong as its employees. Thank you so much for your work with HOTS A.I. experiences sir.

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hello blizzard ( hots team ) i am very happy to hear u doing these changes to the A.I. and i enjoy hots for as long its out since i played the open beta … and both QM and VS A.I sow yes happy to hear for these changes … ( Keep up the good work :ok_hand: :metal: :facepunch:


This is a good point, I find it scary how many veteran players of high rank don’t even know how to ping the AI to bind it. Often it’s best if you have an AFK in a game to ping it as the healer as you might be able to extend its life and make it more useful. So many people I’ve seen in games just don’t know how to do this and let it roam alone.

If they make the proposed change, it would be good to see it on the load screen to let those never read patch notes people know about it.


This is good and all, but are you guys going to tone down their hypersensitivity to AoEs? Playing KTZ and other skillshot mages that have telegraphed AoEs is an absolute pain.
I’m not saying make them dumb as hell and walk into everything, but they dodge WAY more AoEs than an actual person would be able to.

I would love to see nova’s decoy attack a selected target (click a target, then deploy the decoy), that would make the ability part of her burst or a weird finisher ability and not just being an escape tool which capable players don’t fell for.

That’s an easier fix than actually improving the AI, adds a little extra depth to her kit and could be use to make some amazing plays. But hey, that’s just suggestion… A… game suggestion?

Who reads load screen tips?
There has to be a pop up window with important things. Similar to the pop up after a ranked season ends, that shows your rewards.

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Some people read em! Honestly I’m fine with any suggestion, pop up flashing lights, whatever it takes. I’m not sure it will work, as you still get people on patch days saying “I can’t see where the Patch Notes are on the launcher”…

I always wonder how they can miss it, I’m hardly the most tech savvy person and I have bad eyesight, it’s pretty hard to miss!


This system isn’t primitive, or at least, it is far better than the previous/original system.

Deep learning is not something to solve everything.

I suspect your understanding of deep learning is not complete.

Iirc, it always picks the strongest or second strongest AI as a replacement for someone who drops.

Maybe some light can officially be shed on this…

Hello, just want to add a suggestion… hide some explanations of how her decoy works on a tooltip hidden with alt like talents can be/are?

Part of the frustration of the Holo Decoy AI is not knowing it’s priorities.

(My understanding is the decoy has different priorities depending on if nova is cloaked/unclaimed and in/out of combat.

For example, iirc, when it is cast if mirrors your stealth state and will stay stealthed against minions/mercs, but no heroes. This is something it does not communicate to the person casting if well.

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Could we just control her decoy?


I agree with you in part, although I don’t play vs AI games, a very large portion of the player-base apparently does and enjoys it. So this is good news for them.

If the devs hard work results in improving the AI for leaver bots in Ranked and QM I know I’ll be very grateful for their efforts. I’ve managed to win both ranked and QM with AI replacements, but as many have noted, it’s not only difficult, but sometimes impossible depending on the hero the AI is replacing.

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100% this.
Good summary.

Still remember a Hanamura game where our deckard cain left around 5-6 minutes in… and got mvp. Both according to the team and the mvp system!

Wish I had saved all my replays the few times I’ve moved computers. :frowning: