Thank you def team, you gave me so much hope

Everyone is losing their stuff over Tassadar but I’m just slightly celebrating the Li-Ming buffs even though I’m on a hiatus from the game waiting for these changes or MM anchoring changes :sunglasses:

Blizzard’s obsession with HGC is actually a massive part of why we’re getting fewer updates. They were trying to rush things and it blew up in their face. If they’d taken it slow and steady, focused on the general playerbase and let the Pro-scene develop naturally, I highly doubt Activision would have axed their funding.

They’d put all their eggs in the HGC basket as it was, only to drop it. Now they’re trying to salvage the remaining eggs. I think they’ve been doing a fairly decent job recently, all things considered.


Do we have other skins? I use only Classic one!

And orange.

Who’s Jove anyway?

20 androids.

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Developer : Buffs Tassadar before rework
Me : Search match and got Tassadar in enemy team


Hey Dr. L O G A N!

I’m glad you liked the changes. A bit of the driving force for them was your obvious passion around here for Tassadar.

P.S. You may want to check that dev comment again :wink:


Firstly I got buffs for Tassadar, now even developer talks with me!
You wanna me to die by happiness?!

Btw, did you even think about putting slow on W? During my games I hadn’t place for W talent on 7 lvl. Bonus range or important D quest for Oracle build are too good.
What if you make Resonation like:
“Heroes are slowed for x% on W area”? It may work.



Congratulations! I wish senpaiDevs notice my pasion for Alarak in the same way the have noticed you… Anyway, I gonna post a Fenix thread soon, I hope they notice it.


To add on about Tassadar’s W, I never really understood how its damage is calculated.

I’m better Tassadar fan than you Alarak’s one.



Still, I’m a better protoss fan.


They did notice you and gave you a nerf! Enjoy! :japanese_goblin::+1:


No. >:(

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I was indifferent about the neft but I liked the buff, after all the most important thing to archieve is balance, so I’m glad they banlanced Alarak a little.

You can’t deceive yourself forever, boy.

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Blizzard never listens to what the players want.



Psionic Storm
Deal 82 (+4% per level) damage per second to enemies in target area for 3seconds. Damage increases by 12% for each consecutive instance of damage, up to 60%.

Means that with every hit damage increases. And we have 4 hits. How dmg will increase?

First hit will be 82

Second: (12%)
82 - 100%
x - 12%
9,84+82=91,84 ~ 92

Third: (24%)
92 - 100%
x - 12%
(12%*92)/100%=11,04 ~ 11

Fourth: (36%)
103 - 100%
x - 12%
(12%*103)/100%=12,36 ~ 12

If you take double W on 16 lvl, you can continue to up dmg 2 more times.

Fifth: (48%)
115 - 100%
x - 12%
(12%*115)/100%=13.8 ~14

Last one: (60%)
129 - 100%
x - 12%
(12%*129)/100%=15,48 ~15

I hope you understand now.

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Personally, I think heroes that are harder to play should be more rewarding so I was against alarak nerfs all the way.

At least KTZ looks like he’d be fun to play now.

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This isn’t quite right. That would be correct if the damage bonus stacked multiplicatively with itself and only stacked once per second, but it actually only stacks additively and stacks once per hit.

Psionic Storm hits twice a second for 3 seconds, totaling 6 hits over its duration. Its damage increases by 12% each consecutive time it hits an enemy or enemies (but only to that enemy/those enemies), stacking up to 60% bonus damage (5 times).
At 82 damage per second, Psionic Storm is dealing 41 damage per hit.

At base level:
The 1st instance of damage deals 100% damage, so 41.
The 2nd instance deals 112% of 41, so ~46.
The 3rd instance deals 124% of 41, so ~51.
The 4th instance deals 136% of 41, so ~56.
The 5th instance deals 148% of 41, so ~61.
The 6th instance deals 160% of 41, so ~66.

If you pick Psionic Echo, you can increase the number of potential hits by up to 4 (2 hits per second over 2 additional seconds) if you time it perfectly. However, you’ve already hit the maximum bonus damage, so the damage will be capped at 160%.
The 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th hits will all deal ~66 damage, just like the 6th hit.

Add it all up, and you get up to ~385 damage over its total duration without Psionic Echo; with a perfectly timed Psionic Echo that climbs to 702 damage, a 317 damage increase.
Of course, that counts on your target just standing in the exact same 5 range diameter for a full 5 seconds.

Oh, I haven’t even factored in Psi-Infusion. Basically, just multiply whatever values you’re looking for by 1.2, since the inherent damage scaling of Psionic Storm does stack multiplicatively with other bonus damage effects (like spell power).


Thanks for explaining.


Jove is another name for Jesus or God. Jehovah witness. It’s an expression at least how I use it. :slightly_smiling_face:

1 personal savior: Phaseshift3D

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