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If there is one guy to talk about emoji’s it’s DJpea


Not the guy who does the emojis of the storm samisha?


This one’s easy. Just put characters in <> symbols <like this, but without the ’ >


to make tiny letters type the word “small” <> in middle of these arrows if you want big then type “big” in middle of the 2 arrows. this is small
this is big want even bigger? use this ** and in middle write something then end it with another ** without space! YOLO this is not bigger but it’s pure white!


Just testing out What I learned by reading this, how do you make it normal size again?


There is a pinned thread where you can find it all


This thread is more helpful in terms of formatting.


don’t @ me


testing atm :S


they’re HTML tags, so to end a tag’s effect you add a closing tag that matches it!

<big>big text</big> normal text <small>small text</small> normal text again
big text normal text small text normal text again


Ok, Thanks! (Testing, 1 2 3) It works!


<big>big</big> => big
<small>small></small> => small | Also stackable for much smaller text.

smaller small normal big

There’s no specific command for 20 chars to be avoided, the thing is it considers HTML syntaxes as characters, so if I write an entire html tag that makes literally no sense or cannot be understood by HTML it will attempt to render it in the web but there’s nothing to render.

tl;dr just write something like <fillertexthere> inside <> and you have your 20 chars safety.

Highlight any text and press this button then add the link in the correct box.

Also hyperlinks can be done with HTML with the following:

<a href=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHqXnymwzKk”>Some text here</a>

Some text here


[Some text here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHqXnymwzKk)

Some text here

Don’t understand what you mean here, you mean illegal links that users underneath Trust level 3 cannot post? I can give the list of legal ones though:

  1. All generic social media text websites, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit (old.reddit.com is illegal, www.reddit.com is legal, if you are having conflicts just change old with www)

  2. Video sites like Youtube, Twitch, Vimeo(?|Cannot confirm)

All the above can be normally previewed too by anyone trying to post them.

More ““command”” can be found here:


You can avoid 20 characters limit by using “⠀” this.
For example your post is 5 characters,paste that blank character for 15 times



Hey, it works !


Certified bruh moment.


donnybrook mmr

Cool, this works too. always wanted to use it but was too lazy to seach for instructions


I like where this is going.


I have nothing to compensate for


Meant no offense when I asked about sam.
Im just confused :stuck_out_tongue:


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