Tassadar Dimensional shift doesn't work

It’s supposed to give “1.5 seconds of unrevealable stealth” but if you take any damage during the time, it cancels immediately.

A lot of the time, I only end up getting the shift for 0.1 seconds.


You probably mean Shadow Walk?

Hey OrangeJuice!

My preliminary poking into this ability is not seeing Tassadar being revealed by dealing or taking damage which is consistent with how Unrevealable works.

If I had to guess, the ability is accidentally being cancelled due to missing protection for that. I’ll continue to investigate!

Thanks for the report!


This sounds like what I was experiencing. I didn’t realize until this post Tassadar Shadow Walk Talent Cancelleable pointed it out that you can cancel the talent early by hitting the key again. I went into try mode and found that to be the case for me. I thought that damage was revealing me because in-game it can be kind of an “Oh s***!” button to get out when you’re taking too much damage, and those are situations where you’re likely to spam the key a few times without realizing it.

But it shouldn’t be cancellable, right? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose?

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Can you please pass on the message, we need to revert the rework back to the original tass.

Quality Assurance help us!