So Tassadars eventual rework

When his rework does happen. Can you not mess with force wall. I love the skill and it has a lot of use in team fights when used properly especially the lvl 20 upgrade.

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Rumor has it they’re considering making it a talent-gated activateable ability more akin to the SC2 Sentries’ circular Force Field. No idea how accurate that rumor is or whether they’re still considering that.

Personally, I’d rather Force Wall/Force Field be given to an actual Sentry hero to make room for Tassadar to be a full-on High Templar mage.


Not to worry my friend. The plan is to keep Force Wall as a part of what Tassadar can bring to the table. :slight_smile:


Now this is actual Pog

Keep at it devs! :sparkling_heart:

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While it may be a part of what Tassadar can do, we Force Wall lovers fear that it may become a MUCH lesser part of what he can do. In a previous AMA, it seemed as though while Forcewall will remain as a talent, it would be a much weaker version of the current Ult form, with the potential lvl 20 upgrade to it being much weaker then the lvl 20 upgrade it has now.

As stated, if Force Wall was to remain in a signficantly weakened form, I, and possible many others, feel that it would be better for it to be removed entirely to be reused as a strong part of a future hero’s kit, rather then have a weakened, sad pallid version of it’s former glorious self.

Addition: It is very heartwarming to see the first Dev response for quite some time on these Blizzard forums. Hoping to see more!


Actually, IIRC the plan was for Force Wall to become a basic ability and be balanced accordingly.

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Grandfather blizzard new rework when? With Black Girl balance patch or later so you can ship a nice new skin for the handstome protoss?


Force Wall is simply too good to pass up. It becomes the whole point of bringing Tassadar to the game.

To contrast, Dimensional Shift isn’t the primary reason to bring Tassadar anymore, and tbh, Dimensional Shift’s existence is the primary reason his baseline stats are so “thin”.


For god sake, why do you people keep insisting to keep Tass, the most iconic Protoss, as a lowly Sentry, and not the awesome assassin mage that he should (rightfully) be?

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Yeah, they want to make it a basic ability.

It has to be nerfed. Force Wall is balanced around being a heroic ability. If Tass has it from level 1, it has to be balanced accordingly. But keep in mind that because it is a basic ability, it might have lots of talents to buff it :wink:


Bless you, Dev team!


Sometimes I feel like Tassadar was balanced around Force Wall.
Can’t have him doing incredible auto-attack damage when his level 20 turns him into a god that can shape the battlefield to his will.

© 20 lvl Tassadar

Good bye Sentrius, even if you never was real, I still would like to see you. The Doc will accept Tass in any form, but I’ll be very critical about new Tass. I hope the devs make a good job with him.


I know you can’t give too many details, but are you planning to make Tassadar a more aggressive-playstyle mage, specifically with more damaging abilities, or are you going to have him in a more battlefield control and zoning oriented playstyle?

Asking cause I’d kinda like to see him with some up-front burst damage potential.

I think that one of the probs is that having shield and dimensional phase in the same kit, along the way Tass is built and his talents make him undertuned or powered.

What he does need is certain damage. Increasing his damage might be a good start. Replacing his dimensional shift with wall would be ideal and keeping his shift as key 1 is good but with a 25 sec cooldown, or switching shield to self preservation which is dimensional Shift. Make it that shield can no longer be cast on self and must switch for dimensional if Tass wants to escape damage.

Incrementing a bit more HP is viable too.

Don’t forget, suffering not only Tassadar but and our beloved Dr. Logan too :smile:


I’m going to miss Archon, if ever it is removed for the betterment of the rework.

I just hope they don’t kill him while doing so.

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Archon is staying, don’t worry. Changes we know so far:

  • Force wall becoming a basic ability.
  • New heroic coming (we don’t know what that is).
  • Phase Shift will become a talent.


You mean the BWing’s special mount ability? As talent? Wut.

Do you happen to have a link to it? Would like to read as to why.

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