Serious Tyrande Question

A little bit of Maths:

Tyrande has 1,33 AA speed it means 1,33 AA in 1 second or 4 AAs in 3 seconds.
Q has 16 seconds CD and each AA reduce its CD by 1,5 seconds. So in 3 seconds you got 4 x 1,5 = 6 seconds cd reduction from AAs. Basically, Tyrande needs slightly more than 5 seconds and 7 AAs to refresh Q cd.

Elune’s Chosen heals for 96 per AA. It lasts 8 seconds and Tyrande has 1,33 AA speed, it gives you 10 AAs.

Now, imagine this situation: Q + Q + 7 AAs + Q + Q

With Elune’s Chosen and she is constantly AAing:
255 + 255 + (7 x 55 x 1,75) + 255 + 255 = 1693
(you still have 3 remaining AAs for Elune’s Chosen for 288 more healing)

With Everlasting Light and every second Q is used on different target:
255 + (255 x 1,6) + 255 + (255 x 1,6) = 1326

The bonus healing from Everlasting Light is only 306. On the other hand, Elune’s Chosen heals for 288 with 3 AAs and for 385 with 4AAs. Such small number of AAs which is insufficient to refresh her Q cd can vastly outheal Everlasting Light.

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Now, the biggest downside of Everlasting Light is that when the fight actually starts, you WILL want to heal the same target several times, so you get no value at all from this talent, while Elunes just gives you a pretty big burst healing + your Q charges.

They should just make Everlasting work on the same target and nerf it to 50%. Elunes will still be better, but at least you get some value from Everlasting and it would be good for people starting to learn Tyr.

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I imagine it’s more as a situational thing, there’s plenty of enemy Heroes/comps that do damage to multiple people. Not every game is only about 1 target blowing up after all.

I’m not disputing that Chosen is better in almost any situation. I just think you’re wrong with the reasoning that Everlasting was intended for those fancy Q management plays. After all, if you need to save one target, you still toss both Q’s on them anyway. That’s why I’d guess its intended purpose was just to be a clean simple boost to your healing output. (Which it then also failed because Chosen is just too efficient, but that’s another discussion) .

so basically don’t pick Tyrande when Elune’s Chosen is bad. I get it, I see what you’re puttin’ down. Elune’s Chosen baseline when? :smiley:


Thats actually accurate :smiley: And I still think EL should stay as it is (although buffs are always welcomed). Main issue is the lack of 3rd option. I still consider her trait talents to be one of the most counter-productive/intuitive in the game. Trait is supposed to be used at specific moment to blow up enemy hero as fast as possible. Trait talents give you more value the longer enemy with mark on is alive. That makes no sense whatsoever.

My opinion didnt change - trait talents would work MUCH better as owl talents (or similar functionality). Those are not bad on its own, just applied by wrong ability.


Hunter’s Mark is one of the few sources of -armor that isn’t hero specific; it works on bosses and monsters too and those targets don’t just die in a flick of time.

Some heroes get pve amped damage on their basic attacks, the -armor boosts that, and it provides a healing source to top off health or shrug off incidental damage. Furthermore, that can be increased with her trueshot proc, which then also resets the cdr on mark. So in the case of an immortal, mark it once, rotate, reset, mark again race, rince, repeat.

It’s also remote healing and that certainly had its appeal on other heroes (such as malf) to enable divers to go after a target outside the range of the healer; sometimes splitting focus messes with an enemy team’s ability to deal with it.

When her -25 armor was unique, yea, it emphasized blow-up comps, but it’s -15 now and lots of other heroes can get that much, but for shorter durations or longer cooldowns. Its gimmick is accessibility and focusing a target (revealed) rather than just slapping them with burst and then running away afterward.

Plus, at the end of the spell rotation, it still increases Tyrande’s own damage and self-sustain for dueling.

[Also] it’s not a secret that some hero reworks have throttled downburst potential in favor of shifting toward sustained damage instead. With a mark, double mark draft for tyrande, clearly the super meta is marking a Tracer’s main target, and then having her ricochets hit the other mark target for super-beyond-plasma shield-healing!


To add to this:

The Mark of Mending passive self healing is ~38 per hit, 4 hits is 151 healing. Everlasting Light is an increase of 153 healing, so if a player planned to self-cast the first q to boost the second one, Mending provides a similar amount of self healing and allows tyrande to just use both Q on the same target (200% healing instead of 160% as you posted earlier)

Even if an ally (or Tyrande) were to only get 1 attack off during mark, that’s still more healing than self-casting strats with Everlasting light, and it doesn’t cost mana to do that.


Heaven forbid anyone wants to play Tyrande in Brawl or especially QM, where both team composition and competence are a roll of the dice.

Sadly, Tyrande has become a bad pick in almost every situation. She can’t be useful by herself, she needs to be part of a dedicated composition to exist.

She is perhaps the worst hero in the game cause she doesn’t do a lot by herself, or more accuratly : she does a little bit of everything but badly. Her only advantage is to stun/scout, but you can do that (better ?) with other supports (Anduin is strictly better for example, as an easier root is as valuable as the tyrande stun). Her trait has been so nerfed that I don’t see the difference when I put it or not.

She was my favourite before reworks (each lessened her bit by bit), I don’t pick her anymore. Too much of a wet noodle.

EDIT: I actually think that all spiraled for the worst since they put the idea that Tyrande has to shoot at enemies to help her healing. It produced a “bad combo effect” : to justify the existence of this ability, her healing was nerfed to the ground (the idea was : “player will have to combo to obtain the same heal they had before by clicking, so we have to lessen the base heal effect”). She was nerfed for the bad reason : not because she was too good, but to make viable a design idea (which is not even compelling imho, but that’s taste related). It’s like when a card game prints bad cards just to support a mechanic designers want to force on the players : well, players often play another archetype and that’s all.

If they made EC baseline I think it could also make other build paths such as trait build more viable. EC gives Tyrande not only extra sustain but a nice burst heal, it’s very hard to pass up for the other two options at level 1.

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