Serious: 2 Masters cannot queue for ranked together if one is a GM

Despite being within 5k points of each other, if one of the two masters is a GM,
the system says that the GM is (rank difference + ~25k) points above the master, and thus they cannot queue together.
This is a very serious issue, which wasn’t fixed in today’s update. It’s been this way for over a month. Having this on top of the other recent restrictions is killing your ranked scene in EU.


Even though it affects only 100 people per server (since GM is limited to top 100 players), it must get pretty lonely sooner or later being only able to even potentially queue with 99 other people in the entire game.

Wonder when they will bother fixing this.

My bf and I just don’t play ranked anymore because of this :confused:

Hey there Quazer!

We are currently aware of this issue and investigating the best way to go about fixing this. I understand this is an unfortunate bug that limits enjoyment of Storm League, but we hope with some patience, we can get this fixed in the best way to further prevent other bugs, or creating other problems with enjoying Storm League.