[resolved] Elementium Plating tooltip


Deathwing’s level 16 talent Elementium Plating only works in World Breaker form, which seems intended as it was mentioned in the reveal, and is also how it worked at Blizzcon. However the tooltip doesn’t mention that anywhere.


Hey Zeal!

Correct, it is now usable in both forms!

We have made several changes since Blizzcon, and the Deathwing you all got to play on the show floor is no longer the same as what we have on the PTR right now.



Hey o/

My bad, honestly should have played around with it some more. Turns out it was just greyed out when I checked it because I was at full health, not because I was in Destroyer form. Good to know though, if anything it makes more sense that it’s usable in the form that’s more vulnerable. Thanks for the reply!