Report question at the end of game


Every few games i get the question does the report function work with 5 choices of emoji faces! How the hell do i know if anything was done from any report i did in the history of heroes?


Yeah I’d like to actually see the statistics of those questions. I’m sure the results would be very interesting but blizzard wouldn’t do that as it would be admitting to their lack of control over the game


The correct answer to those questions is always the sad face, anyway.


It’s actually a trick question, you only get that one when you get reported, and if you say it has 0 effect, they have reasons to impose penalties more often.


These tend to popup more often when you are the only person to use the chat in a match

How would you rate your teammate’s cooperation? take a guess, sad emoji always


They are not asking if the report function works. They ask how do you feel about it’s zero effectivity.


if this is true im not surprised that I get it so much. ive had trolls tilt a guy and ive stepped between them to save the poor sap the more then likely cares a hell of a lot more then me about this game since I primarly play when bored.

the guy baiting the rage literally never groups and doesn’t leave the ally half of the map ussaly forces other people to fill among other things. but ya lol the guy who got mad at him is toxic and the guy who in this case me getting the to chill is toxic. not the guy refusing to participate or stop feeding no those guys are a okay. fml


i give it a 1 star all the time since i have no clue if the report system even works.


it does it bans everyone as long as they have enough reports doesn’t matter what they say or why they say it.

one of the big things my buddy got banned for was his salt towards ranked trolls

“Are you serious. can you stop queing in ranked if you aren’t gonna try”

and well ill praobly shoot my self here for saying this but he would talk politics in the gen chat. hes laugh at the libs who thought Hillary was a good canadite and thought she was 90% chance to win cause that was obviously a lie no matter how you look at it the only people who have that kind of popularity are people that are unquestionable and that wasn’t Hillary.

that and he would laugh at them about the muller report stuff. people forget about the never trumpers. if there was anything there ever he wouldn’t have been president for long much less the 3 years this muller report was dead weight for. literally half the country didn’t like the guy the muller report WAS pure political bias.

even if it came out unredacted the left would still cry orange man bad so meh. now for me to shoot myself in the foot. the left has an ideology that is guaranteed to kill millions and spread mass poverty and starvation. its called Venezuela and just like in venezuela most of you will only care after 5 years of starving assuming your alive.

ive heard all your nonsense face to face so spare me. I know how bad the right is in particular how spineless they are so again spare me im not takeing a side I just cant stand the hypocrisy and delusion that the left has any moral high ground its a bad joke since high ground doesn’t exist now. and that’s only one of the many problems the left has as far as ideology goes. me and my bro are on the same page so if stating this fact gets me a ban like it help him get banned then so be it.


I doubt they even bother to collate the data and the nature of the question is flawed to begin with. Don’t waste your time thinking about it.


Those reports are just there to fool you that they are working on the report system.

Also, always choose “Sad face”. It is the only correct answer for that question.


We don’t know. For all we know it is just a placebo to make us feel like we have some measure of control, even though it really doesn’t do anything.

Sad face every time. :frowning_face:


well here is how i look at it just so you have some reference…

  1. Weekly Account Suspensions for Non-Participation

    • this thread hasnt been updated since September 2018 (at least 7 months). which to me says they havent done anything.
  2. from past accounts the report system is highly abusable and automated.

    • what we have seen is there is legit proof that false reporting leads to actions that are not warranted. further, support will not investigate these in most cases and assume that the report system is 100% correct.
    • the forum report system is similar though consequences on actions are very harsh for even minor infractions.

-4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4
:rage: :angry: :frowning: :confused: :neutral_face: :smirk: :slightly_smiling_face: :smile: :grin:

in game: :frowning:
in forum: :angry:


Gif of fax paper got shredded the moment it is out.

This is how reports handled in the company.