[REMOVED] is he admin or not?

[REMOVED] is he admin or not?
i know how to select stats on total season or current season but

he looks a nova 80% win rate 10 times played at his main-menu

but, i found he has current played 14 times and 8 times loss game.

he has suspicus id . or admin.

this is so bad. he insult many players also.

80% win rate doesn’t mean someone is an admin or a cheater. That is very achievable especially after just 10 games.

Admins also certainly do not log in to insult players either.

U really doesnt’ get the point.

it’s kind of modify stats. don’t you understand? it’s Data manipulation user.

how f…

Some of them in korea hots server .
using their 11~more ID ,
and change their ip
for another country #1----, #2—(europe), #3 #4 — tiwan, #9(??? ) also.

this is ridiculus. during 3 years. big problem.

this is one of them


and this one : [REMOVED]

if you couldn’t get the meaning, this is tragedy.

Hey phinkeke,

I’ve removed the other players battle.tag information. We don’t use the forums to name and shame other players, so please refrain from doing so in the future. If you want to report someone, please use the in-client report function so our specialists can review your report. Additionally, I am going to lock this thread as this isn’t a bug report.

For just a bit of additional information, Blizzard official people will have Blue text in game and a little “Blizz” logo next to their name, if they don’t have that then they are not an admin no.