Questions about the event extension


I can’t really find this information anywhere, but when does this event officially end now?

Does this mean the bundles get removed on the 7th (Tomorrow) or do they get extended too?

Do you still get toy chests from normal activities such as leveling?



There is a timer on the quest tab.


February isn’t a date and that answers literally none of the other questions.


Likely February 5th or 6th.
February 4th

The bundles and toy chests are part of the event, so they will also be extended.


Has anyone actually made 50 laps?


Likely isn’t a good answer. I don’t want to miss out on the bundle because I gambled that it would be extended with the event.


Let’s keep playing until February 4, when Mom says I have to put all the toys away.


i wonder too. not long ago some ppl were into the 20s so i wouldnt doubt that those that are doing it in AI have gotten up around 50 if they have not finished it already.


There was that guy going for the unicorn who was pat lap 30