Question about matchmaking

Hey there blizzard team!

Longtime player here. So here’s my story i’ve been playing on my main acoount since Beta (and noob) but i really felt like most games my teammates don’t know or play the game as well as i do, so i made a new account to do a reset and try again.

I’ve been playing for a week on this new account and started to notice that the better my winrate got the worse my teammates became.

(i’ll explain further i got to 80% winrate and was only put with really really new players that didn’t really know the game yet).

then my winrate started to decline and my teammates got way better again.

i play a few games win most of them and suddenly no1 knew how to play the game again.

So here is my big Question how are we being put in a group. Because how i feel like it’s happening is that everyones mmr get’s add up together and then you are matched with a group of same collective mmr.

Is this true and if so why?

thanx for making a cool game tho

ps: i am talking about qm, unranked and brawl.

I’ve just mentally logged this effect as the ‘when it rains, it pours effect’.
Just looking at my QM games, I’ll lose like 10 in a row. Then I’ll win like 10 in a row with seemingly no effort. Maybe it’s built into the system to keep you at your 50% win rate? Har har.

Enjoy the buddy/mentor system, working as intended. Just don’t try to coach those new players as it’s considered “abusive chat” as you’re “telling them how to play”, which is bad. Apparently.


The system does not work, it is absolute garbage, and completely not transparent - all data is hidden.

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Forced 50% rate is a thing sadly.


No matter how hard we try or the evidence we recolect. People continues believing in non-existing things, sadly.

Yeah like the thought of blizzard making this game any better.

We do not believe, we know what a twist system does exist. Feel the difference. And not only people have proved its existence more than once, and right on this forum, but the developers themselves spoke in plain text. They just simply called it in other words - “average MMR.”

Don’t forget your tin foil hats guys.

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It’s like trying to explain to someone that the world is round… they see flat landscapes so they assume to an extreme extent that the world is flat. You could show them all the evidence in the world but they’re too focused on only what they see, not the big picture.

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We even had a Blue make a post explaining how this is not true. I’m not even sure what a perceived forced 50% has to do with the reporting system?

I know from my own experiences in HOTS forced 50% is a fallacy. I’ve seen profiles of people with extremely high win rates, extremely low and everything in between.


Its normal because the MMR of both teams needs to be averaged out.
That means if you are above the average players you will most likely get some teammates who are below the average skill of players.

The only game mode where this isn’t that extreme is ranked mode. It can still happen but very rarely. In ranked mode players can’t queue up if they are more than two leagues apart. In QM even masters can get matched with bronze players…

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can you link this post?


Uh wow, rude???
Mine is made of wax paper. Maybe you could check that sass at the door… with your “tinfoil” hat.

This is a wax paper forum!