Quest system addition TL;DR at bottom

TL;DR at bottom

Following idea requires balancing and tweaking, of course.

Currently we get a daily quest to do. Once that is done, I lose interest to keep playing and wait for the next day or 3 days to build a stockpile to complete in a session. I suppose I play more for the quests and rewards. The quests do give an incentive to try new heroes, but when that is done, I have little motivation to play without a worthwhile reward.

Having a system where a quest that completes and is replaced by a new one immediately will give me something to do and reward me for completing the challenge and keep me playing. One can spend a day completing quests instead of stopping because there are no more quests to do. Gives me a goal to shoot for while getting better with the hero.

This should not replace the dailies and change what the dailies offer, but added along side them.

To try and simplify:
You have 3 slots for dailies which are completed and replenished with a random quest each day.
The 4th slot has a random quest, when completed it’s replenished immediately with a new random quest.

More details above TL;DR

Again, there will be a need to balance how often players get a reward and how much.

I try to speak for me alone. I have no idea what others think about being able to complete quests all day, instead of waiting for the next day.

Yes :heart_eyes:

So, your intention is unlimited quest to farm for gold, right? That’s why Blizzard limited the number of slots to only 3.

Another thing, they are planning a gold to shard conversion system. This would make gold much more valuable. You can forget about this altogether.

Also, if your sole purpose of playing the game is to farm for gold, then you shouldn’t be playing at all.

Your scope seems to be more limited than your assumption of mine to be.

We all know it takes an average of 1 month of quest rewards to buy a 10k gold hero.

They are planning for the shard conversion sure, but it becomes trivial for those who don’t mind spending the money for skins since gem can be used to buy nearly everything. This becomes more important to those who wish not to spend money and casual players with limited play time. Players that play only to complete the quest to acquire a new hero once per month will now have to decide to convert gold for shards for something else. This only adds competing factors slowing down the acquisition of heroes.

Don’t forget that some players do the quests and play a new hero in order to complete them because of the gold reward. This is the incentive to try new heroes. The quests, leveling, and playing matches to completion are the only sources for gold. Once the quests are done, the incentive to play is also gone. Some will play to complete quests and call it their play session.

Dailies exist to incentivize players to play everyday and try something new (Don’t forget free hero rotations). My idea is a quest that can encompass longer than a quick play session, have something to do (a weekend game day), and be rewarded for doing them.

Yes, some players play with or without a system that will help them acquire more heroes.

As if the new hero isn’t already an incentive enough for a player to try them out.

There is no quest which rewards golds for playing, like the 5 most recent heroes.

As I’ve said, unless you’re a gold farmer from a certain country. The gold must not be the goal for you playing.

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The 4th repeatable quest will be…

Savior Quest - Enter a game that a player has abandoned and try to save the day. Reward 100% xp boost and 100 gold

This would require a separate queue for this “Savior mode”. You would choose the mode and enter a game to play whatever hero the abandoned player was playing so in essence the queue would function sort of like the random hero feature.

If this feature was also used in ranked modes i think it would be fair to not loose or gain ranked points when you are the “Savior” as the repeatable quest rewards should be enough incentive.

The idea of a “Savior mode” is an old thread by someone else but i liked it and combined it with your idea for more quests!

Why have quests in the first place, if nearly 100 hundred heroes isn’t enough of an incentive?

Sentence is questionable. Obviously. Quests offer gold rewards, so does, Com…oh nevermind, I said all this in my previous post. Please read carefully.

Odd, this seems to be your only argument, which is very shallow. Do some math, perhaps you will see for yourself how much gold is available. Consider what it takes to do what you suggest.

All your concerns have been thoroughly answered in the previous post you cherry picked. Please think before you reply.

Thank you.

I suggested this sort of idea in another thread harking back to how OW does “backfill”.
I feel that the savior should just choose a hero they wish to play as they are put into a game. They are taken to a hero select screen where they can choose a hero. Bans and unavailable heroes are in effect in this screen. No other info is shown. Perhaps one of the heroes on the enemy team can be hidden so to make it a little harder for “counter” since you have a little more time.
Perhaps this may be looked at as a way to cheat, but at the same time this can be a good compensation for time lost with playing with an AI.

What would the defeat reward be for being a savior?

Gold to shard conversion, can you please provide a link to proof so I don’t get my hopes up.

To sum up your post, it simply boils up to “I play this game to farm gold”. Ok, if that’s your purpose, then please, enjoy doing so.

I’d help you with the link, because I did read about it myself. If I remember correctly, it should be a blue post at the top of the thread lists. I’ll add it if I find it. Though, it isn’t really relevant to the topic at hand as a certain person felt it was needed to derail the main idea.

To sum up your post, it simply boils up to “I have no real arguments, so I will keep repeating myself”. Ok, if that’s your purpose, then please, enjoy doing so.

Except do it somewhere else. You’re stinking up the place.

I see, you decide to look away from the truth. Then it’s pointless to discuss this with you any further.

We weren’t having a discussion. Make some valid points and argue them with supporting ideas, then perhaps we can start a discussion. Your assumptions only helped me make this idea clearer, so it wasn’t a total loss replying to you.

If you think my idea is not good, then you did a terrible job explaining why. You’d have to pay me to gold farm this game and I’m not crazy to even entertain the idea.

If there is “truth”, you poorly presented it merely as an attack while disregarding everything else I said. Should I repeat myself since this is the way you seem to be able to communicate?

I see, you decide to look away from the main idea of the thread. Then it’s pointless to discuss this with you any further.

I’m sure this is the one. I didn’t read it all again. It’s a long post.