QM Matchmaking is worse than EVER


QM has been destroyed, We get into matches very quickly now (which I never complained about, because I understood it sometimes takes time to balance a team), but at the cost of being a “fun” match. We get teams with all “backline”, no tanks, multiple supports, and other completely ridiculous comps. I rarely see a tank in a comp now, unless I play one, then there are FOUR TO SIX OF THEM in that game!

Although people complain (they will complain no matter what, you knew that once), longer wait times for better games is better, period. I am not asking that you even “fix” it, I would be perfectly happy if you simply revert back to the algorithms you were using a month ago. We don’t want this crap, NOONE DOES, there has not been a quality QM match since the change. We don’t miss these screwed up comps, we don’t miss the “broken hero combos” that dominate a game no matter what, and end it in 10 minutes, we don’t miss compositions that a team of first time players would pick…So STOP FORCING ALL THESE THINGS ON US AGAIN! It is NOT fun…And it is destroying what was an amazing game, at the snap of fingers.

It isn’t even a problem of bad matches every few games, it is a problem of ALL of them being TERRIBLE!


It has always been like that. for at least the last 2 and a half years.

When I play support I get the 3 support team in QM, but queue as a bruiser and get no supports.

Long wait times drive people away from even hitting queue altogether. People typically don’t care if every match is even, as long as when they hit the button for a match. It gives them one in a reasonable amount of time. (Which varies depending on the person)

We could do a survey to find out how long some people would be willing to wait… I would wait 2-3 minutes for a decent game. Maybe a little longer if it’s with friends, but If it’s past 3 minutes and it still hasn’t matched me. I typically either switch to a different game or change to vs the AI and blow up bots for fun.


You haven’t tried QM this week have you? As anything other than a tank…


I too am wondering what exactly happened here. 2 weeks ago I was first in line to compliment Blizzard on their finest addition to the game yet.

I took a break for a couple weeks and come back to 8 games that have apparently had the new matchmaking improvements tossed out the window. Some games with healers on both sides but no tanks, other games with tanks but no healers… also queues popping in 1 minute or less.

I’m hoping this was a temporary adjustment to account for high player volume over the holidays, and the new system will be back Tuesday. If not, I’d love some sort of explanation.


This week (since it’s still the first day of…)

No I have not played this week.

When I do I typically play supports with a few tanks/bruisers, and it’s not like I do that for the shorter wait times. I lucked out that I actually like the roles others seem to hate. Worked out well for me.

Have things drastically changed in the last 24 hours?


Unfortunately, the original changes simply caused a lot of problems, especially for new players - who due to the lack of tank/healer heroes available on free weeks combined with mirror match protection ended up with endless queues into terrible matches.

Blizzard could have fixed it, but now we are back where we started. There do seem to be minor improvements however, has been a while since we had a tank/healer vs no tank/healer game - although going up against 3 specialists with no push heroes on a push map is rough.


I can deal with no healers, as long as neither team has one. But no tanks is hardly playable, unless you are drafting a team specifically to play without one (which you can’t do in QM obviously). Not diving the backline is one of the first things you learn in a MOBA, but what do you do when that is the only available option because you have ZERO frontline? Do you play ALL defense until you finally inevitably lose? Do you keep diving the backline into all the CC, until you lose? It is literally back to whoever has a certain char out of a few, will win, because the balance to counter is gone. There is NO balance now, at all.

And, yes Fluffypaws, it has only been the last couple of days, go ahead and que up as a non-tank, and see what I am talking about. I generally am not one to complain, I understand things can’t always be ideal, but THIS is ridiculousness, and it really IS that bad.


So I just found this post explaining the situation. Seems the rules were loosened in favor of making matches quicker but at the expense of having rigid tank + healer comps.

They’re working on improving the system, but suffice it to say we’re stuck with the current matchmaker for an indeterminate amount of time.


Remember there’s no middle ground with Blizzard. You will either have a perfectly balanced comp or a horrible unplayable comp vs a perfectly balanced enemy team. MM/QM has been horrible since the inception of the game. Blizzard does not care, never has and never will.


It’s always the same lie “we’re working on it”. They should’ve fixed it after almost three years.


Yeah they have to maintain there 50/50 ratio somehow.