PTR Patch Notes - March 18th, 2019 [Caldeum Complex]

Quick guys look at the sky for clues!

Nothing special.
All grey turns white, all purple turns green.
Just like one of Sombra’s skins … coincidence much? I think not! :eyes:


Those glitches are way more Sombra than Moira.

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Sombra is as epic as Moira so I’m all cool :sunglasses:

I am just confused to how they would do her kit, it seems it would be quite similar to Valeera´s; unless of course there is a Valeera rework in there too.

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Hold on, didn’t they say they were doing a new skin theme for the spring event?

I’m pretty sure this loading screen isn’t themed after the hero, but moreso the spring event.

Edit: Yeah, there is:


Double release.

Double the hype. JK.


Yeah, pretty sure is just a loading for the event and not a new hero.

Hmm, Apagando Las Useless?

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the diamond shape of the O seems like it could be significant

also the background looks like a bird’s-eye view of some kinda semi-watery landscape? like a plain with a seasonal river, or maybe a marsh. hard to tell since it’s all gray


I am more interested by what looks like a tower standing on it.


Maybe the glitchy thing also affected the background behind hence why it’s really hard to see around it.

Ok, so I just logged onto the PTR.

The event is called The Caldeum Complex, it’s some kind of futuristic event that takes place in what I can only describe as resembling Ghost in the Shell-like city.

Looks like there are 3 skins according to the homepage for Butcher, Chromie, and I think Kharazim. Doesn’t look like there’s a new hero, but it does come with the role rework.

Not expecting anyone to believe me, but I am unable to take a screenshot sorry guys. :confused:


Yeah, I’m on the PTR right now.
Behold - Frog Satan!


yeah, i wasn’t sure if that was just a graphical glitch or not. most of the other glitches are pretty small though, so it may be a tower!

Seems strange to me that there’s nothing for Li Ming in an event with that name unless the Caldeum she keeps referencing is spelled differently.

No… nO… sOMBRA?


eh at least we got something so not complaining

Also some of my friends on discord already doing the screenshotting.

Here’s some


Those Chromie skins are fraking awesome. Still miffed about that misleading screen though.

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The caledum complex is the next update, looks like a sort of “Big hero 6” kind of place where butcher, lucio, kharazim and chromie are getting new skins.

It looks like lunar new year event skins are coming with this as KT had gotten new reskins.

Other cyber based skins have also come out such as zarya’s previous cyber skin.

Seems ok but I’m not particularly interested.