Post your roster!


You did nothing to help him. Useless /s




206 Alexstrasza
162 Auriel
150 Lucio
68 Whitemane
58 Brightwing
52 Stukov
45 Rehar
35 LiLi


Screenshot or go away.
Do you see someone, who write like you?
Shame on you.


I was gonna post my roaster but now I feel self conscience because I can’t post links and was gonna just post levels…now I’m just not gonna post :frowning:


Mm. Must be doing something wrong

Must be missing something obvious



Well I’m also lazy and wanted to make it look like logans fault because I’m also lazy evil.

Abathur is literally my comfort Hero that I don’t have to even try playing. I always avoid trying to use the boring heal build where I don’t really contribute much to my team other than a measly global heal.



Embedding only works if you are trust level 3, most people (just like you and me) on the forums arent.


easiest way to tell is these two things:

  1. you can post links without any formatting! this is a clear indication you are level 3.
  2. you get a special icon on your posts! it will look like a little wrench and say ‘post admin function’. if you see this appear then you are level 3.


How does one become Lvl 3?


Pinned topic btw.

How to check what level you are? I made a guide for it. #shamlesspromotion.


This has been a headache to post

EDIT: I don’t have a fancy imgurl thing and i don’t need yet another account. 000webhost is a free hosting site. Google it.


Imgur is also a free web hosting service, you don’t even need an account there…



Thank you this was super helpful!

     Here is mine:


Hello! Here is my roster :slight_smile: