Please consider this when you're gonna update heroes

Also the Deckard buff almost reads as “betcvha you are gonna like Ruby now”. Seriously, 10s without Perfect Gems means you can practically spam this or just take the talent for the free cubes.

My post wasn’t even about healer’s persay. This MacWeak brought it up… BW changes are okay, but i wouldn’t say they’re:

It’s a minor buff that doesn’t change too much of anything. Not enough to be desired to be picked other than to try it out.

All im saying is there’s no healers in QM’s and ALOT of heroes are not ment to be faced-off against eachother in a healerless way, the only resault will be to destroy the match experience as everyone dies off of 0brain activity abilities while the other team is randomly matched with low dmg high skill single target setup.

Just don’t make any sense what so ever. We get fast ques but low quality 5v5 brawls in a 3 lane map.

Never said they weren’t.

Sometimes changes are directly proportional to the changes needed. Morales, LiLi, Deckard, Brightwing need(ded?) help, but thats it. Healers are in a good spot otherwise.

If you aren’t happy with the quality of your matches, because they lack a healer, why don’t you play a healer yourself?

Oh, and Anduin was changed a bit, too.


What are you trying to say? to solve the MM problem by playing the role myself?
No thanks, I don’t do healers in QM’s only in ranked to fill. Im sure others feel that way too but i guess mb if the devs atleast included 1 healer om every search, the 0brain spammy heroes would be more endurable.

Well then, don’t complain about a lack of healers. Why is it fine for you to expect others to do things you have no interest in yourself?


I don’t know what you’re on about. Me picking healer wont solve anything but forcing me to play something i don’t want to, so i get a poor experience if i pick healer and if i don’t either way because you think it’s fine.

5v5 with no healer can still be pretty positive in terms of practice. I just don’t like healerless matches when the opponent team draws the “long stick” in terms of random hero combination in same team that not with skill even, PASSIVELY breaks the match cuz of hero kits

But anyway, mb im writing it out of frustration cuz every match has a Tracer(ultimate spammer) and a Lunara. So ill just leave it at that. Because i really do believe that even thou the match can be stomp or anoying like hell, it’s still fruitful in some sense that you get try to manage alot of stuff at the same time.

This is QM, you don’t have a chance often to get a healer. If you really don’t want to play draft or a healer yourself, I’d suggest you take a hero like your avatar Sonya, she has lots of self sustain, so can usually do just fine without a healer in QM.

Wait, you seem to just want perfect comps in QM…it’s not going to happen.

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Balanced, not perfect. Balanced for me is perfect. I don’t enjoy when i win with a stomp, i don’t enjoy getting stomped either. I like fair competition. That’s atleast how i enjoy a match. Balanced matches are possible, hard for the MM to consistently maintain such matches but imo should be possible more often than not.

I want a tank and heal but not me because all i want is play my dps hero.

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Brightwing’s 20% to 25% is huge. That means if you heal someone who has 2000 max xp you’ll heal 500 instead of 400. 100hp can save a life. Plus her phase shift can be used 10 seconds sooner.

Her trait also heals more, meaning she’s gonna heal more in general if you’re near her.

Her spell armor protects 5% more, which can make pryoblasts and bursty abilities weaker.

Its significant.


Are you disrespecting the changes to Anduin? :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, there are some certain healer changes i disrespect massively.

I like the changes in this patch though.

It was worded oddly in the patch, but her lvl 7 activatable heals more, not her passive healing.

I didn’t catch that. Thanks. Still I can see how that’s useful too. Healing is healing.

Also most of the time that she’d using is she’s cleansing someone who is CC’d, and probably lower than 100% health.

The MM uses the Healers and Tanks it can find. It doesn’t force these roles into every match to maintain reasonable queue times.
The “problem” is that not many ppl play Healers, but this won’t change just because the devs create a rework. Maybe there will be an influx of that one Healer for like 3-7 days, but that’s all.
So if you want to get Healers, get them yourself, and for that, the easiest way is to play them yourself.
You don’t want to? Not many do. Hence your non-Healer games…


Well in fact no i missed desperate prayer getting rid of that horrible 10 sec cd.

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Oh my yes, the changes to Cain, Brightwing and Andy, I’m so very pleased with.

In QM no many people will queue up solo as a healer, outside of Kara or Rehgar who can at least camp, solo queue healer can be miserable. Though not always, I’ve been spamming Cain, Andy and Brightwing in some solo QM games, having a good time. Andy is probably one of the best QM healers, his trait helps so much.

The OP just has to accept MM has never been perfect in QM and remember they did try to enforce comps, but people didn’t want to wait for it.

The problem with going healer in QM is that either you take one that can DPS, or you are stuck by a complete randomness factor. This makes only a few healers viable.
And thats because randomness creates 2 issues:

  • You dont know if your team is good enough to handle the fights (if not, you are more useful as 5th assassin)
  • Your healer doesnt synergize (going to be a frustrating game)

Why bother with healer if assassin is easier?

This is the issue that should be solved for healers. And the only thing in QM they could do is by ensuring the players matched with the healer are generaly better than the healer himself.

Which creates a secondary vicious issue: It generaly means the healer is the worst on the team, guess who gets blamed?

Healer is a thankless job in this game, even more when heroes have strong ways of self sustain and technicaly didnt even need a healer. Thats why healer isnt fun.