Orphea - Chaotic Assault + Abyssal Symbiosis Interaction Bug


This issue exists since patch 49.2 and the changes to Orphea.

The new talent Chaotic Assault (Lv.4) is meant to increase the damage of your next basic attack when at 3 stacks of chaos.
The talent Abyssal Symbiosis (Lv.13) instantly grants 3 stacks of chaos when hitting a hero with chomp.

When 3 stacks are gained from chomp in this way, Chaotic Assaults bonus damage is not granted to the next basic attack.

This does not occur if an additional ability (or another cast of Chomp) also hits an enemy hero before the basic attack is fired. It does not matter if this second ability is cast before or after 3 stacks of chaos have already been obtained from Abyssal Symbiosis + Chomp.

Tested in practice range at level 20, with both talents selected:

Chomp → 3 stacks gained → AS does not trigger.
Chomp → 3 stacks gained → Shadow Waltz → Works.
Chomp → 3 stacks gained → Chomp → Works.
Shadow Waltz → Chomp → 3 stacks gained → Works.
Shadow Waltz → Dread → 3 stacks gained → Chomp → Works.

This bug was initially reported here by another user:


up, dear devs please fix this asap.

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I wanna up this once more.

This has sadly not been adressed in todays patch, and the problem persists.

Hey Nemesis,

Would you mind checking again in game? I am seeing this as fixed on my end as of the patch that went out today. If you are still seeing it happening in game please let me know!


I’ve just checked again, thoroughly this time.

The issue has indeed been adressed and fixed.
I apologize for the false flag and thank you and the dev team for getting it sorted quickly! :+1:

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