Not getting rare Toy Event loot boxes after finishing a quest

Hello there,
I was awarded some rare toy chests during the seasonal event quests. I finished a quest on the card, got the chest awarded, but it didn’t turn up in my lootbox section. At first I thought I might have been wrong, but this happened three times and I’m sure it is what it is now. Always happens to the rare ones, not the common chests. Would it be possible to look into this issue?
Playing on Win10 64x btw.

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I’ve had this happen too. It happened because I also levelled a character at the same time. So I got a box for levelling and a box from the toy quest. But only the character box actually appeared.

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I’ve had one chest disappear as well. Completed a full lap quest and one for the accumulation 3 quest points almost back to back. When I checked the top tab there was only one chest and I was expecting two. I can’t confirm for sure which one was it but something was definitely missing.

It’s an isolated incident and not one that consistently happens. It’s the first time I had this happen in 10 laps.

Hey everyone,

After some internal investigation, I am unable to reproduce the issues you are calling out. So, I’m going to need some help and more information. First, I want to explain how this event works.

  1. The Repeatable quests grant stickers, and every 3 stickers you are awarded a Common Toy Event Chest. This chest is awarded to you IMMEDIATELY after the match ends. This means, as soon as you are on the post-game score screen, that Loot Chest is already in your Loot Tab.
  2. Completing laps grant Rare Toy Event Chests. These chests are awarded to you once you open the Special Event tab and roll the die advancing you past the starting point.

I wanted to call this out because there is a chance this could just be a miscommunication in how those Common Loot Chests are awarded. Usually, what happens is the Common Chest is opened immediately post-game and then players open the Game Board, complete a lap, and are expecting 2 Loot Chests (one for completing 3 quests and one for completing a lap).

If your experience is different than what I outlined above, it would be really helpful to post on this thread some additional information listed below.

  1. What repeatable quest did you complete?
  2. How many stickers did you have?
  3. Did you complete a lap? If so, how many laps is this for you?
  4. Did you level a Hero up at the same time as completing a quest? If so what Hero and what level.

Thanks so much for the reports and I’ll continue to look into this. I am grateful for the help!


I had the same issue, i might had it before as i wasnt sure but now im 100% sure that i have finished a lap in the event and lvld up qhira to 45 after the same game. But i only got 1 chest and im 100% sure as i didnt open any more than 1. I have restarted the game but still no second chest.

I have went around the board twice in the last few days, it showed the animation for receiving the Epic chest (or w/e the gold chests are), but when i go to collect it, there’s nothing there. has happened twice.

I’ve experienced this twice in a row now too. The last two laps have given me the notification for rare loot chest upon opening the board game, but no chest in the loot tab. I’ve done 4 total laps, did not level up a hero. Completing that quest (I believe it was an xp gain quest focused on siege damage) put me at 2 stickers.

And again, i finished lap in the event and got the animation for a rare chest but no chest to open. This bug still exists…

i am completing laps and not getting rare chests as well, though the animation plays. i believe this has happened at least three times in a row now.

It is the Rare Loot Chest that everyone reports going missing, not the common chest. You finish a lap, then the little furry Mephisto toy says some quip, like “I didn’t think we’d find someone as loyal as you” and then it says RARE TOY CHEST AWARDED. But when you go to loot, its empty. It has happened the last 4 laps for me.

it’s a VERY well documented bug…

Took a while until it happened again, but yes, the issue is getting a normal chest for a level up and recieving a rare chest from completing the lap at the same time. The normal chest is there, the rare one isn’t. I completed my 7th lap and I think the hero was Sylvanas.

Im constantly NOT getting the rare chest from the quest, most probably while getting another chest of any kind at the same time. I have counter 4 of them for now. Do you have any freaking desire to fix that ?

Still not receiving rare chests for finishing laps, and it has nothing to do with receiving another chest at the same time or leveling up. Consistently now for the past 3-4 laps, I’ve been awarded 0 rare chests.

Consistently happens, lost quite a few chests

Don’t worry guys, the problem is expected to auto correct itself in 7 weeks when the event is planned to end (according to Ranked mode page) :grinning:

I’ve not lost any chests in the last few laps, however my friends over in voice chat have noticed something is wrong with the reward system. Not consistently broken but at random times.

Last night I quit the game with no pending rewards. Today afternoon I open up the game to find a random rare chest waiting for me under the loot tab. Weird stuff.

Yesterday I completed a lap and for the second time, was given a rare loot box that did not show up in my inventory.

They have not shown up later, the first one I thought I imagined.
This one I am sure, and now I find this is not just me.

I just completed another lap, another Rare new toy chest ‘awarded’ but not in inventory.

Hey there,

I get that some of you are still reporting this issue, but I need the information I asked in my post above to help narrow down this issue. So far I’ve tried this hundreds of times internally and have not been able to reproduce this over a variety of different conditions. If you all can help me out by letting me know the answers to these questions, it might help me find out what you are seeing!

  1. What repeatable quest did you complete?
  2. How many stickers did you have?
  3. Did you complete a lap? If so, how many laps is this for you?
  4. Did you level a Hero up at the same time as completing a quest? If so what Hero and what level.