No Experience Points After Brawl

So for last couple of days i ve been doing a lot of brawls and the end screen was keep getting bugged (says waiting for game results but nothing happening) not showing my hero, amount of exp & gold gain and i just realised its also not happening in background, for example i ve played Qhira for the first time and it still have 0.0 exp, can support team please take a look on it and also if its possible can i recover these experience points?


I have the same problem.

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That’s just terrible, how can they still let such things to happen?

Probably another bug they’ve yet to learn how to fix. “Waiting for results” has occurred in some brawls ever since Brawls first came out years ago. It is unfixed since at least 2016.

However most of the time it does award you XP, it just doesn’t display it.

This issue is still alive.

Brawl is still bugged today, did 5 brawls in a raw and 2 did not count for the weekly objective. Really annoying, once is already bad but twice really Blizzard.
Screen is blocked on "Waiting for game results for more than 20 minutes now.

Happening for me as well.

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I’m having the same issue. I want my delicious exp :frowning:

Hey everyone,

Just for clarity, we are aware of the post-game “Waiting for Results” thing that happens on some brawls.

As for your experience, you will get the experience with or without the screen. We’ve never seen an instance where someone did not get the experience after a Brawl with this, so rest assured, you ARE getting experience :smiley:

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This doesn’t quite address all the other problems that come with the absence of a score screen, namely the ability to report players that couldn’t have behaved themselves in the chat or those that have ruined the game for others on purpose.

Blue already stated that reports in Brawl mode are taken just as serious, so you might understand our concern when we are not able to point out such individuals. There are rare cases when you might find the player profile after the game if you attempt whispering them, but is highly unlikely the server will auto complete their name for you and allow inspection unless they are present in some public chat.

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I understand the concerns and I agree. This post was about the Experience Gain, hence why I am bringing it up.

The remaining issues you brought up here are part of the “Waiting for Results” stuff being known and it is being investigated.


We’re aware that you’ve been aware about 2 months now, any update?