New Maiev & Cho'Gall Skins not available/can not access/do not see in store

Evening Blizzard Team,

I updated my game with the latest patch that was released July 15, 2020 and got all the balancing tweaks and even played several games. However, I do not have access to either of the new skins released for Maiev and Cho’Gall and all of my friends have access to them. When I realized this, I tried two things. First, I logged all the way out and restarted my Battlenet, which didn’t fix it. So then I tried, uninstalling and re-installing the game and made sure it was completely up to date. Still the problem continues. Can you please help me? I don’t want to miss these skins or other new skins in the future. My Battlenet tag is OPGlitcher#1438

Thank you for all your help in advance. Can’t wait to hear from y’all.

I also just tried the Scan & Repair and Check for Updates under the Battlenet options tab on the HOTS page. Both came back clean and said I had no problems. However, I still do not see the new skins at all though I do have the home page tab for in in the HOTS game of Maiev and her Owl mount. Also if there is a new mount , I do not have access to that either.

I’m having the same issue, my friend can see all the new stuff but I can’t.

i have the same issue, have you figured out hot to fix?
i have tried “Scan and Repair” but it hasn’t changed anything.

There is no new news yet for a fix but i have also opened up a ticket to the blizzard team. i will post here again when they get back to me.

Silly question, but have you guys earned Chogall through the quest on release or have you bought him for specific currency at a later time? Someone from my circle reported a similar problem.

Are they unable to access the Cho’Gall and Maiev skins or are just the Cho’Gall skins not appearing?

I have own all the heroes and have gotten them through all the different ways, loot crates, actual money, in game shards (both at full value and on discount) and the such and have never had this bug before where the updated content was not available.

Hey there everyone!

We pushed some fixes on our side that might address this issue. If you wouldn’t mind double checking the store and let me know if you still can not see the new Skins!


Well, they’re now appearing for me at least.

Thank you Blizzard Team for taking care of us so quickly!

I have also received the fix and can now see all of the new content.