Mouse and keyboard didnt work


I started a TeamLeague match with a friend of mine and as the game starts (first game today) neither my mouse nor my keyboard are responding to any of my commands. So i just have to watch myself stand there till i get kicked out for being afk. After restarting the game and rejoining the match, the same error occurs and i have to quit the game again. Now I lose a lot of ranking points and get a leaver status… thx for that ^^
Has anyone else had those problems or a solution for me?


Since the last patch, my mouse has been locking up, but my keyboard is fine. I originally thought I had a hair in the sensor, until I looked and found nothing there, then when it happened again, I realized I couldn’t click anything.

This is the only game it seems to be happening to, already checked my drivers and made sure Logitech software was up to date. Seems fishy, but it’s infrequent enough that I haven’t tried troubleshooting it, yet.


my mouse is locked up every time i have tired to play today. I have restarted and even re installed and it still does it. If i alt tab my mouse works fine for anything else. not sure how to fix it.


Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the reports! Does anyone happen to be on Mac Mojave?

There is currently an issue with Mouse Cursors in Mojave fullscreen mode. Please try going to the steps here if you happen to be on Mac.

Thank you,
~ Fizivix


Windows 10, myself. Logitech G600 (mouse)