Missing Avatar for last season

Hi, I was told to create a topic here by support team, however it applies to my EU account.

I didn’t play the game for some time, got back for season 3, 2020. When it ended couple of days ago I was expecting to get an avatar reward for this season (you know, with the “2020” on it), however it seems that this time I didn’t get one. I asked on the chat and some people are saying they received it, while others say they did not.

Is this a bug?
I did not finish the 50 wins (had 30-something), but I thought that this is a requirement only for the mount and grandmaster.

Heya Undek,

As of the introduction of the Storm League Quest Line, the end of season rewards, in this case Portraits, are only awarded to those that have completed the 50 wins. I went back and verified this was consistent with previous seasons with the Ranked quest line.

The good news is 2020 Season 4 only requires 35 wins this time, which might make it a little easier next time!