Mana refund mechanics are systematically bugged throughout most heroes


Whitemane’s mana refund talent (lvl 4) not refunding mana properly

Guldan’s improved life tap has no effect

Medivh Q hit doesn’t refund,

Pretty sure this is a systematic bug throughout all heroes…


Hello there!
Same problem, with Arthas D, the mana gain sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.
Same with the second hit of D with the lvl 16 talent : sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.

i have a replay available if necessary :slight_smile:
(just tell me how to send it if you need it)


I’ve also experienced this, Whitemane’s level 4 talent High Inquisitor doesn’t function properly if not used on a hero with a mana bar. I have a replay where I realize this and do some tests in-game. Junkrat/Abathur don’t refund, but Azmodan/Zagara do. Went into Try mode afterwards and clemency on Malfurion refunded mana, but changing ally to Morales did not.


We definitely have some of our top folk checking this out, thanks for the heads up @All
-Zobrek :mage:


Thanks for the effort you guys put in, happy holidays


indeed, i most often used arthas trait on sonya (no mana)



It seems like none of Whitemane’s mana refund talents work against manaless targets. If I had to guess it’s the same for every hero with mana refund talents; they don’t work against manaless heroes.


Can only confirm that it doesn’t seem to effect Zul’jin’s Toll’s Blood nor Li Li’s Free Drinks, so definitely just a subset of mana refund abilities.