Let us use in-game emoji on the forums

It’d be really cool if the forums had the emoji from the game available for use. :bwsilly: :dehasilly:


Yass! I’m asking for this since ages!

But we have a nice emoji thread so that’s something. You just need to be trustlvl3 to use it.

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Yes, so I can stop putting emoji images and my thread gets slain for having no more uses when this becomes a reality.


Making image posting accessible through a high ‘trust level’ is one of the most stupid features a forum could have. Banning access forever because a small group of reverse-trolls can flag you for one post is even more bobo.

Twitter - instant access, blizzard uses platform
Reddit - instant access, blizzard uses platform

Limiting image posting gives just another reason to limit creative discussion. Makes ya wonder why they prefer posting there instead of here. I mean, I keep hearing them say they love to SEE fan works.

It is not a bad thing that not everyone can just post immediatly visible pictures about anything. There are trolls here.

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Other places have human mods working around the clock for that. Blizzard can’t get one intern to do that here.

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Now if we could use Twitch emotes, that would make my day. PogChamp

I vote yes to this! Also I’m pretty sure I’m locked out of level 3 so I can’t even view Samisha’s thread at all any more! No sublevel 3s allowed! :-1:

Yeah, people should really read the sign.